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  • Photography Show at Hom Bay Ridge Thurs Feb 27
    Hi everyone!
    Join me at Hom in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn this Thursday, February 27 from 7:00PM - 9:30PM and check out some fine art photography showcasing Brooklyn, NYC, Coney Island, and more while enjoying some HomStyle ambience and decor!Stop by before dinner or on your way home, have a drink, look at some of my ...
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  • The Windsor Trio, concert March 2nd, 3pm
    March 2nd at 3 pm, at The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, 7420 Fourth Ave, Bay Ridge Brooklyn. $10 suggested donation. 
    Come enjoy an afternoon of Chamber Music presented by the talented Brooklyn-based Windsor Trio ~ Kelly Howard, violin; Mary Robb, cello; Keiko Asakawa-Golden, piano. Brooklyn-based artists Kelly Howard, well known as the Artistic Director of ...
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  • Know about Helpfulness of Vimax Drugs
    Vimax supplements do away with indications of significant impotency and intimate dysfunction. This sexual enhancer works fantastically by boosting up dudes to have wild sex with partners. Extend Your Penis for Improved Erotic Delight A men mate should be a superb performer to satisfy his sweetheart. He recommended good sex bodily organs to impress his ...
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  • Music in Remembrance of the Civil War, concert
    Art on the Corner and The Park Slope Singers present Music in Remembrance of the Civil War. Program includes songs from the Civil War, selections from Vaughn Williams, William Schuman, Eric Whitacre, Irving Fine and Benjamin Britten. Conducted by Ira Spauding. Saturday, Feb 1, 2014 at 3 pm. at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, ...
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  • Update on Implementation of Legislation Relevant to Observation Status
    Patients who think they have been "admitted" to the hospital, are finding out after the fact that they were being "observed" instead. This difference in status comes despite the fact that they have likely been moved from the emergency room to a bed in the hospital just like an admitted patient. Unfortunately, the consequences ...
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  • Hire a Worker in New York City
    The Bay Parkway Community Job Center has skilled, dependable workers trained in variety of services; Cleaning, Moving, Demolition, Carpentry, Roofing, Painting, Tile, Masonry, Snows Removal, General Labor.All the money you pay goes directly to the workers’ pockets. Our rate at the center are reasonable, but if need for more information call at (178) 600-0425 or ...
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  • Helicopter Sept 9 2013
    Did anyone else notice that loud, bright helicopter doing circles last night at 2-4am? Kept me wide awake!

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  • Lost my puppy
    Hello, My dog was last seen on the 300 block of Bay Ridge Ave between 3rd and 4th avenues. He ran away on July 9th in the late afternoon. His name is Reeses and weighs only about 4lbs. He is all black with beige spots over his eyes and a beige chest. ...
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  • Lost Puppy in Bay Ridge
    Please contact me at 718-748-3969 if you find a black and beige small dog.

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  • photos
    i cant figure out how to upload a pic; can anyone help????

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  • photos
    i cant figure out how to upload a pic; can anyone help????

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  • Yard Sale - Flea Market
    This Saturday May 18, 2013 Yard Sales - Flea Market

    Over 20 vendors 9am - 3pm

    2331 Gerritsen Avenue

    Brooklyn NY 11229

    Resurrection Church Parking Lot

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  • My appologies.
    I did not mean to offend.I did post a link in "classifieds" to a service I offer. I also had a link in my sig to my personal site(not related to the service.)

    I am sorry if this was too much. I edited the url out of my sig. Won't happen again. I wanna ...
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  • Postal Plaza
    If you live anywhere in or near the Brooklyn office and have HAD it with the post offices, you need to come see us. We handle all domestic and international shipping and even package them

    up for you. We also offer Moneygram services and a postal suite for receiving packages! Not just a regular ...
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  • Aggressive Pitbull Attack in Borough Park on the corner of 9th Ave and 44th ST
    Writing has always helped me cope. So after the traumatic dog attack that I experienced I am hopping that writing it all down will help me clear my head and sort through the flood of emotions that I have been experiencing. However, I still debated with myself and my circle of support regarding whether I ...
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  • Male cat found
    Tabby light gray male cat found 12/20/12 around 8pm, on 65th street/13 ave in Brooklyn. Litter box trained, very friendly.

    Attached files
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  • Craigslist scammer
    Beware everyone of this scammer. I know many people got these even years ago, and the the scammers are still at it. This is what I got in response to my posting:


    Thanks for your prompt response, However, i will need your name and

    address for payment,As am only able to ...
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  • Does anyone recognize this store cat? Urgent!!!!!
    The cat below was brought in from Bay 16th Street and New Utrecht Avenue, Bath Beach/Bensonhurst Brooklyn 11214 on Sunday November 25th and is currently at Brooklyn ACC. A#: 0951766

    Name: Cheerio

    Color: tabby


    approx 8 years old

    large - almost 16 lbs

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  • Radiator covers

    New here and not sure if this will help me. I need a handyman who is able to build radiator covers at a reasonable price. Dont want my grandson getting hurt now that hes walking.

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  • Bayridge changing....
    Wall Street Journal wrote: By KAVITA MOKHASeven years after moving to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, from his boyhood home in nearby Gravesend, John Avelluto thought Bay Ridge was ready for a wine bar.The Ho' Brah taco joint that opened last year in Bay Ridge."I used to travel to other parts of Brooklyn for a different environment, ...
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  • Getting rid of furniture?
    I just moved to Dyker Heights from out of state, and I have a queen sized wooden storage bed frame that I brought with me. The problem is, I wasn't able to get it into the bedroom because of the dimensions. It's in two pieces, but doesn't come apart any more than that, ...
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  • an open letter to bay ridge nissan
    dear bay ridge nissan,

    thank you for trying to screw me over yesterday in buying the used altima i really wanted. after being there for more than three hours (and this was my second visit), test driving the car i wanted, negotiating a sale price, and leaving a $500 deposit, i was sent to ...
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  • Bay Ridge Toyota Facebook ‘likes’ to help Bay Ridge Seniors get around
    Bay Ridge Toyota is hoping you’ll ‘like’ to help the Bay Ridge Senior Center replace their wheelchair-accessible van. Recently totaled in an accident, this van was often the main means of transport for our seniors to and from the senior center, medical appointments, food shopping, social visits and activities.To offset the cost of the vehicle, ...
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  • Looking for a Dog walker in Dyker Heights
    Hello, my 1st post. I'm looking for a dog walker for my male neutered 80lb doberman pincher. He's 6yrs old and we live in Dyker Heights 12ave, 70s. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you
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  • Lost Car - seeking assistance from Brooklyn residents
    Looking for help from residents in the Brooklyn area. A family member, who was visiting me from VIrginia, suffered a medical emergency (diabetic) on Monday after crossing the Verrazzo bridge. He exited the freeway and parked his car and wandered around for several hours. After getting medical attention he tried to locate his car with ...
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  • Bay Ridge Center Fundraising Campaign for New Van
    The Bay Ridge Center kicked off an Emergency Van Campaign to raise money for a new transport van. On March 27th a stolen car crashed into the Center’s van overturning and destroying it. The incident, widely covered by local and City-wide media, left the Center in a bind trying to transport its members ...
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  • Flea Market - Yard Sale - Gerritsen Beach May 19, 2012

    2331 Gerritsen Avenue

    Brooklyn, NY 11229May 19, 2012 - 9am-5pmChurch parking lot - If it rains in school hall.over 15 vendors, furniture, plates, baskets, tools,

    Food, Beverages,

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  • Looking for Paolo V
    I'm looking for an old friend, whom I believe to be living or within the last 10 years has lived in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. His first name is Paolo. His brother is Mario, sister Miranda, mother Rosalie. If anyone can give me any feedback I would really, really appreciate it.

    Thank you.

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  • MF roofing
    Has anyone used M&F roofing on avenue z?

    Closed 84 views 1 comment Started by dylan621 Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst
  • walking from bay ridge to bensonhurst?
    Hi---I don't know Brooklyn at all, but I want to see Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst. Googlemaps gave me directions to walk down 52nd st, then New Utrecht Avenue, then down 64th St. to 18th Ave. Is that a good walk, or will it be really uninteresting/unsafe/industrial? What would those in the know recommend? ...
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