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  • Where to watch the Cubs in the World Series?
    A historic moment, indeed! Any Brooklyn suggestions? 

    Hoping for a place with some hype but not too much that you can't reach the bar for a drink.

    Thanks in advance!
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  • Single Bottles of Westvleteren XII for Sale
    I have 6 individual bottles of Westvleteren XII for sale. This is not the special brick package with the glasses. These are individual bottles. Price is $70 each. I have 6 bottles total, I will sell all six for $400 or best offer. Great if you want to try the ...
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  • Weed delivery?
    I don't know if this is technically legal, but I am looking to buy a small personal amount of weed and was wondering if anyone knows anything regarding the weed delivery services in Brooklyn (preferably WestSouthWest Brooklyn). I am aware they exist, but no where do I find contact info? I do not want to ...
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  • What Wines Do You Like to Drink?
    I recently discovered Hecula, a Spanish red (monastrell or mourvèdre grape) with a medium body and fruity (blackberry and cherry) character. It's dry and silky smooth (after it breathes a bit). Moreover, it's a bargain. I bought a few bottles for about $10 each. What are you drinking?

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  • A Brooklynian Christmas toast
    Inspired by this ad for a make-your-own bloody mary bar, we celebrated high noon with BLT Marys (bacon, romaine, tomato juice) and for a non pork-eater, a Seafood Mary (shrimp cooked in tomato juice and served with the same tomato juice it was cooked in). Talk about viral advertising!

    Attached ...
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  • Three Olives vodka
    Where can I buy this stuff? I want to make cherry slushes for the NFL playofffs.

    Side note: whilst home for Xmas in my small hometown of 17,000, two of our three liquor stores had the full selection of this what I thought was a specialty liquor. Where I grew up, the liquor stores ...
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  • HipHop legends Sadat X and Will Tell drinking Absolut Brookl
    This is a special TWC episode that i am calling "Absolutely twisted"!
    [Vodka episode]
    Sadat X and Will Tell Drink a bottle of the Spike Lee Absolut Brooklyn!
    And some how Sadat Figures out how to speak dog language!
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  • Absolut Brooklyn
    For the Absolut Brooklyn poster:

    Advertising Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York, USA
    Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Meghan Figueroa
    Senior Art Director: Jin Park
    Photographer: Ty Cole
    Art Buyer: Julia Menassa
    Published: June 2010

    I assume you can contact the ad agency for sales venues. Other option, go to the manager of a ...
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  • Help me find a beer! Not just any beer...
    So I stopped into Bierkraft in January and grabbed a case worth of interesting beers. One of the liter bottles rang up around $32, but I snatched it up anyway thinking I have to try it. It was a Brooklyn Brewery Black Ops (Russian Imperial Stout). This may be the greatest beer I have ever ...
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  • Absolut Brooklyn Vodka!
    Absolut Vodka may soon be giving New Yorkers a taste of Brooklyn.

    According to The Daily News, the vodka maker enlisted the help of Brooklyn-raised director Spike Lee to create a new spirit.

    The one-liter bottle features a brownstone apartment on the label, with a number from Lee's childhood home in Cobble Hill. ...
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  • London Pride Ale
    Hi All!

    My husband is a Brit and is missing his fav ale - London Pride. We used to be able to find it at the Chip Shop on Atlantic Ave but they stopped carrying it. Does anyone know where they might have it on tap or bottle in Brooklyn?

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  • Strongbow / Woodpecker 'hard' English Cider
    Subject: Strongbow / Woodpecker 'hard' English CiderAnyone know of a liquor store in Crown Heights / Park Slope that sells Strongbow or Woodpecker Cider? Thanks
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  • Firefly vodka
    I want some.

    Basically this company makes sweet tea flavored vodka that is all the rage in the southeast (where I'm from) and I have no clue where to buy it here. The website says they distribute to NY, and I called the distributor but haven't been able to get through. Has ...
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  • Brewery tours
    SO's birthday coming up and I was thinking doing a brewery tour with him and some friends (followed by a meal) might make for a nice celebration. I thought about the Brooklyn Brewery, though some light googling of reviews suggests that their tour isn't very...extensive/informative or long enough to justify everyone trekking out there. ...
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  • Pinot Noir
    Got hooked on Pinot Noir recently and trying to find decent priced ones ($10-$20) to sample and commit to. Used to buy Little Penguin (Aussie) - can never find it anymore. Branched out to Mark West, Rodney Strong, Elk Cove - all good but looking for something that makes my socks roll up ...
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  • Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout
    Is anyone still spotting this in stores? Bierkraft hasn't had it in ages.

    I've been able to get in on tap at Spitzer's Corner in the LES, but would love to stash away a couple of bottles.
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  • Best Xmas Beers
    Rogue's Santa
    Southern Tier Krampus
    Stone's Special Holiday Ale
    Sam's Winter Lager
    Long Trail Hibernator
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  • Watching Bills/Broncos Game in BK
    Does anyone know of any good spots to catch this afternoon's Bills @ Broncos game?

    Some place other than Buffalo Wild Wings in Atlantic Center or Leo's Corner Bar over in Carroll Gardens.

    What about Farrell's? Can I get the Bills game there or will it be Jets, Jets, Jets since the ...
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  • Party at bar in Brooklyn?
    Hi! I'd love to celebrate my birthday at a bar in Brooklyn, and i could use some advice ... Anyone knows some good places, reasonably priced? I'll probably have about 30 people over, and good vibe and good music (dancing!) would be great. Neighborhood doesn't matter too much, as long as it's convenient to get ...
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  • Special event at the Sycamore
    Closed 76 views 1 comment Started by davidg8089 Brooklyn Booze
  • How much do you spend on wine?
    Out of curiousity, how much do you spend on a bottle of wine?
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  • Lost Found...
    Last night at Lost & Found (aka favorite bar) I was informed that they are closing Sunday night. They have been bought by Alligator Lounge and will close for two weeks for renovations and I'm sure a revamp of the bar's entire appeal. Basically what I'm expecting is a suckfest. So I invite anyone who's ...
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  • No card Bars
    Can anyone help me find bars that dont ID you when you get some alchohol Im 20 and im about a month away and i cant wait so can someone help me out here? ^_^
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  • Judas
    Has anyone seen this beer? I think it's Dutch, or perhaps Belgian. The folks at Biercraft haven't heard of it...I was wondering if anyone has come across it in their travels, and if anyone knew of a place that might carry it...
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  • National Rum Day!!

    A few weeks ago, I pondered if this was the Summer of Rum, but ponderin’ time is over. Go decorate the sugarcane tree, sing pina colada carols and hang your tiki mugs by the fireplace because National Rum Day is coming up quick.

    Who designates these things? Who knows. But the ...
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  • New Bar at the Cornerstone?
    I've hear a rumor that a new bar will be opening on Cortelyou Rd where the Cornerstone was. There seems to be some construction going on there. Has anyone else heard anything?
    Closed 52 views 1 comment Started by davidg8089 Brooklyn Booze
  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout
    In a bottle. Not the regular Guinness Extra Stout commonly available in bodegas here. These bottles are taller and shaped different and are 7.5% alcohol instead of the lame 3.75 % of these american ones. This is the Guinness that is sold in the Caribbean. Has anyone seen anyone anywhere in Brooklyn selling it? I ...
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