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  • Looking for awesome salads in North Williamsburg
    Since Fabian's Fig Salad seems to have gone downhill :(
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  • Elementi on 7av anyone?
    So who has overcome their sticker shock and eaten at the new place where Snooky's used to be? What's up with the $10 appetizers and not being bothered to be open Mondays? The diners I've seen in there look like Cucina transplants who've been driven off 5av by the younger set. Like to know if ...
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  • Pioneer Barbecue?
    Does anyone know what happened to Pioneer Barbecue of Van Brunt? We went there yesterday afternoon and it was closed.....
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  • Jacks Pizzeria on Avenue M, off East 13 Street
    Please somebody tell me they remember Jacks Pizzeria on Avenue M, off East 13 Street in Midwood. A lot of people say "the best pizza", but Jacks was really the best; for those who didn't, wish you could've tasted it... wish I could taste it again... man I feel like crying... after my dad died, ...
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  • EDIT: New restaurant on Vanderbilt and St. Marks
    Any info on this place? Looks like it could open soon.
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  • To Bee or Not Bee - Genetically Engineered Foods the Culprit
    So, if your tired of talking about gunshots and Fresh Direct, here's a new topic to scare the heck out of you. According to an article in the current issue of the Park Slope Food Coop newsletter, bee populations are crashing in the US. FYI, bees pollinate 100% of the almond crop, 90% ...
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  • some brooklyn restaurants mentioned in article about fat

    June 13, 2007
    Critic’s Notebook
    Fat, Glorious Fat, Moves to the Center of the Plate

    I’M not sure it’s possible to behave with much dignity around seven glistening pounds of pork butt, but on a recent night at Momofuku Ssam Bar, five friends and I weren’t even encouraged ...
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  • green coffee beans
    this weekend, i was at an eritrean community center in boston, where i had the best coffee of my life. the woman cooking showed me later how she roasts the beans in a little pan on the stove immediately before brewing the coffee.

    anybody know where i can find green (unroasted) coffee beans? ...
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  • Q. When is organic not organic . . .
    A. when Bud says so.

    The fact that Anheuser-Busch may get an exemption rankled many organic food adherents.

    “Hops are a crucial ingredient for beer. Why can’t they use organic hops?” said James A. Riddle, an organic consultant and a former chairman of the organic advisory board.

    Mr. Riddle also complained that ...
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  • So . . . what do you really think of the Dept of Health?
    I think they're having a big misplaced fit after that Taco Bell rat fiasco.

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  • Scared of the DOH!
    So I was biking down CIA on my way to Coney Island to burn off some excess fat when I happened across a very nondescript Mexican place. I ordered two tacos. One spicy pork and one fried pork. I also ordered a cactus salad. The tacos were great. The spicy ...
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  • Di Fara's is closed again for health code violations
    Subject: Di Fara's is closed again for health code violationsThis really sucks because I keep planning on going and I never get the chance. The DOH closed a bunch of kitchens down in PS a few months ago, luckily they all came back pretty soon.

    It's a pizza bad news for Brooklyn ...
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  • I can't believe I'm going to say this...(re: Soda)
    Subject: I can't believe I'm going to say this...(re: Soda)...but the service at Soda yesterday evening wasn't horrible.

    Not great, but not horrible.

    It's a step.
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  • NC Country Store -- Brownsville
    anybody know anything about the North Carolina Country Store, in Brownsville? their bacon mentioned in this gothamist interview with zak pelaccio, and the name is attractive to this ex-pat, but i can't find anything online besides an address -- 2001 Atlantic.
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  • I had a great burrito yesterday.
    I had a really good spicy pork burrito (made on request) at a Mexican restaurant called San Luca Tierra Mexicana on the corner of 47th and 7th in Sunset Park. The filling itself was more flavorful than chile pepper hot but it did include a side of hot sauce made out of crushed chile peppers ...
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  • Corner of Lincoln 5th Ave
    Just saw this place today, on the corner of Lincoln & 5th (on the side closest to 6th Ave). Looks like Middle Eastern/Turkish or something similar. Couldn't find any signage for a name or menu, but spoke to a woman who had eaten there last night (she didn't know the name either) but ...
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  • Place to have a Cuban breakfast?
    My mom is in town from Miami and she wants to have a Cuban breakfast (cafe con leche, tostada, some eggs). I'm at a loss as to where I can take her.

    She'll spot a Dominican or PR restaurant masquerading as Cuban, so it needs to be authentic. Anyone know someplace I ...
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  • chicken liver?!
    i just came back from the key food on 5th. to buy a whole chicken
    first i pick up a murray's chicken and it says on the label "heart and gizzard has been removed, liver may be missing"

    and i'm like WTF?! i want the liver! i want the heart!!

    so i buy ...
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  • Pino's in Bath Beach/Bensonhurst
    Subject: Pino's in Bath Beach/BensonhurstSo as I was going out on my first inter Brooklynese bicycle ride I happened upon a Pino's Pizza Restaurant on Bath and Bay 25th. The pizza wasn't bad I did however see another patron dining on some killer looking rack of lamb chops with mashed potatoes. Does anyone ...
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  • Birthday cake
    My husband's 30th Bday is next month , and I want to buy him a beautiful tasty cake.....does anyone know of a bakery , preferably in Park Slope, that sells yummy birthday cakes?

    The type of frosting that I am looking for is the whipped type , not the butter creme thick stuff that ...
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  • Rice Balls at Joe's Superette in Carroll Gardens
    Subject: Rice Balls at Joe's Superette in Carroll GardensI never really liked rice balls, those softball sized mothers you see in most pizzerias. But Joe's does them differently. They are golfball size which allows for more of that crispy crunchy outside and they come in three flavors - rice and cheese, meat and ...
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  • Tofu on 7th
    Anyone know how this place stays open? I stopped by today to try its namesake item (spicy tofu that was not spicy) and it was basically inedible
    is there something I'm missing?
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  • my latest food addiction
    I been only eating tons and tons of bread each day. these sweet little buns. just ate a whole bag of them. like 8 of them. for breakfast/lunch.

    this besides my candy addiction is a whole different story.

    last month it was falafel had it almost everyday.
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  • UPDATE - FreshDirect Brooklyn - new zips
    A friend of mine who works at FreshDirect just confirmed to me the list of the new Brooklyn zips; 11216 is indeed not part of it anymore apparently not enough people living in this zip left their email address requesting to be warned when delivery would be available there. So if you livein that zip ...
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  • All-you-can-eat Sushi?
    So I've been traveling up to the UWS for AYCE sushi for years. Amazing sushi, in my opinion. But the hour long 2/3 ride hurts. So I ask... does anyone know of a local place (even anywhere in downtown BK) that has tasty sushi and an AYCE deal?

    Just thinking about it ...
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  • Wed. May 2nd: Baskin-Robbins 31-cent Scoop Night
    don't forget, tonight is $0.31 scoop night at baskin-robbins! 5-10 PM

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  • Windsor Chophouse
    Okay, there's been talk on the board about Circles and its unholy offspring, Windsor Chophouse, but I am willing to come out right now and say that I actually like the Windsor Chophouse.

    I have had two good meals there. The service is very good (superior to Circles) and the value is incredible. ...
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  • Brooklyn EATS and Brooklyn Booze
    We're considering what the rules should be for this forum re: commercial postings. At this time, it's just like the neighborhood boards -- we don't appreciate shilling.

    So please be honest with your affiliations -- if you're posting about your own business, say so!

    Also, this was intended as a ...
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  • saturdays and sundays brunch@brook s valley
    brooks valley is now open for brunch from 12 pm thru 3 pm
    the prices are really good from $6(whole wheat toast with fried eggs and soy ham) to $11 (ackee and codfish with bammy and sliced tomatoes)
    and much more yummy things
    brooks valley
    415 tompkins avenue
    brooklyn ny 11216
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