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  • Allergy questions?
    My name is Dr. Cascya Charlot. I am a physician who specializes in pediatric and adult allergic diseases and asthma. I am a Harvard Medical School graduate who completed her residency and training at NYU. I am very well respected in my field and board certified in my specialty. I recently ...
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  • Lactation consultanting
    I'd like to start a breastfeeding support group in Pro Ho..... anybody interested? I'm an LC in Private Practice, I have a group on the upper w side , but think it'll be cool to do one in "the hood".
    Let's do it!!
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  • Aussie looking for work! Excited about moving to NY

    My name is Joanne Cox, I am 27 yrs old and I am currently a resident of Brisbane, Australia.

    I am coming to holiday in New York from February 2007, as I have family who are currently living in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

    I am looking for child-minding work in Park Slope ...
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  • Museum Classes this Fall
    Can anyone recommend after-school and/or weekend classes and programs at Museums or other cultural institutions in Brookly. I have a 4 y.o. and 7 y.o.
    Thank you
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  • Martial Arts for kids/teens: FREE OPEN HOUSE Nov 13-17
    FREE OPEN HOUSE at Center for Anti-Violence Education (CAE)
    Week of November 13th

    Stop by and see for yourself what makes CAE special. We have programs for almost any age--come with friends, family, or anyone who might be interested. Watch class or participate, learning a few techniques for yourself! No reservation required.

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  • Nurture Grow New Parents Workshops
    Nurture & Grow presents the first in a series of workshops for new parents -

    Among the topics to be discussed:

    - infant safety
    - infant massage
    - how to reduce fatigue and strain on mom's body
    - answers to questions about pregnancy and childbirth

    Suggested donation of $5 person ...
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  • 4th grade standardized testing controversy
    If anyone is interesting in learning more about the controversy surrounding the 2006 ELA tests go to There is lots of good information.
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  • Junior High Schools
    I am begining the process of looking into Junior High Schools for my son who is in the 5th grade - can anyone share their experience with any Junior Highs in the area?
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  • favorite shoes
    what are your guy's favorite athletic shoes... nike, addidas, reebok. what do you guys think of all these nike promotions with the hot
    russian chick Maria Sharapova? i gotta say... i'd go to a match just to watch her
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  • Public Schools in Northern Brooklyn
    My husband and I live in Jersey City and are trying to figure out whether the public schools in the zones that we can afford in Brooklyn (and that are within reasonable commuting distance of New Jersey) are better than the public schools in the zones we can afford in Jersey City.

    It seems ...
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  • Best Pools in FG for Kids?
    Are there any other pools in the FG area other than the big outdoor one off Park Ave that are good for taking kids to? I've heard the Bed Stuy YMCA is good. Can anyone confirm?
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  • Best soccer for kids in Brooklyn?
    I am new to Brooklyn and want to know where to register my kids for Saturday morning soccer. Thanks!
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  • childcare in Brooklyn
    I provide a small nursery/preschool environment in my home in Dumbo. Please call 703-785-7788 for further information. Email to set up personal interview.
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  • Activities for 12-18 Month Kids in FG/CH
    I'm looking for things to do this fall with my son who's 15 months old. Playgroups? Classes? Gatherings at coffee shops? Help!
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  • Waldorf School in Brooklyn
    Does anyone have any info on the new Waldorf School here?
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  • Arts/Crafts Classes/Retail/Cafe for Kids + Adults
    I am considering opening a small space for Arts/Crafts Classes/Retail/Cafe for both adults and kids in Carroll Gardens and wanted to get some feedback from community members about whether there might be interest and what would be factors in your deciding whether to join. For example: 1) Transportation - nearness to subway; 2) ...
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  • Good Osteopath for children?
    I'm looking for a good practitioner for young children - any recommendations?
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