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  • emergency kitten advice!
    So I adopted a kitten from Brooklyn Animal Foster Network for the cat I adopted 2 months ago from Slope Street Cats.

    I thought it would be nice for my 1 year old female cat to have a little female companion especially when I am not home, but my cat is hissing at ...
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  • reliable cat sitter
    I am in Flatbush, on Linden Blvd. between Flatbush and Bedford. I am looking for a reliable cat sitter to feed my kitties for a week in January. Any recommendations?


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  • Getting Cats To Sleep Through The Night. What's The Secret?
    No matter when we feed them or whether we play with them during the evening or not it is almost impossible to have our three cats sleep through the night.Inevitably one, if not two, of them will be in our bedroom before 5:00AM wanting to be fed. Sure closing the door would be an ...
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  • Sweetest Tuxedo Kitty Question for Rescuers

    There is the sweetest tuxedo kitty that has been hanging around my building. He came up to a couple of us and then when I clicked s/he came right up and was arching and leaping to get pet. I checked Fido's lost list and will check Craigslist next. The cat ...
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  • Volunteers Needed at Animal Rescue in Ozone Park - URGENT

    There is an animal shelter in Ozone Park, Queens called Heaven’s Angels Animal Rescue (97-14 Liberty Ave) (under the L train).It's run by a couple who suffered terrible flooding and personal loss during the storm and most of their volunteers at the shelter have been indisposed since the ...
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  • Found sweet pit mix in Tompkins park
    One of my walkers just found sweet pit-mix wondering in Tompkins park. He is about 2 years old. Sems very sweet and friendly. We are unable to keep him if he is your or you can foster him please please PM me ASAP.

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  • Sweet Talkative Cat Needs a Home
    Meet Zorro Inkwell!100_6005 He came into our Bed Stuy garden starving and scared. He got into fights and yowled at night. We trapped him and fixed him and everything has turned around! Zorro is a good boy – a little shy at first, but sweet ...
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  • Matt the Fluffy Young Cat Needs a Home!
    Matt the Cat in Operation: Snuggle!Hi, I’m Matt! I’m so happy to meet you! I was abandoned on the streets of Bed Stuy, so sad and lonely I could cry. After weeks I was desperately hungry and my fur got matted so badly it hurt. Closed 259 views 4 comments    Jump to most recent comment by violet Brooklyn Pets
  • LOST Black Chihuahua last seen in Greenpoint
    A 6 pound black chihuahua with some white fur on her chest slipped out of her collar around McGorlick park in Greenpoint on 10/06. She ran toward the industrial areas to the north of the park, but by now could be anywhere. She is very timid and not the type to approach people and ...
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  • Is this dog walker dangerous?
    I don't have a dog, so I don't know, but I just saw a car with maybe 10-12 dogs in it, idling on Prospect between Underhill and Vanderbilt. The windows were down, the engine was running, there was a basket of housekeys on the dash. I waited for a few minutes and the owner came ...
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  • Rescued kittens and cats But still in Crisis
    Many cats from our Petco Adoption Assistance Program are rescued but in crisis at the moment. We need food and litter for the cats in foster care (there are 4 adults at one site and 2 kittens at another).

    We also have the 2 chocolattes; Greta and Sara in 3 different foster homes.Each week ...
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  • MISSING: Brown Cocker Spaniel (State St 3rd Avenue)
    Our 4 year old cocker spaniel was taken from outside our local deli (State St & 3rd Avenue) at 8.30pm on Tuesday 4/13. He has our phone number on his collar, and a microchip. There is a reward for his safe return. If you have any information please contact me on 646-286-0808. ...
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  • You can help Sean Casey Animal Rescue
    Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn does great work for the animals here. I know several people (and probably some of you) who have pets from there. They currently have a shot at winning a very big donation from Chase bank if they get enough votes. You can vote through Facebook (which ...
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  • Leaving Dogs Outside Stores
    In our little neighborhood in Brooklyn if you leave your dog tied up outside while you go into a store I think you're pretty much telling people that you're an idiot. (Far too many get stolen.)However when you leave your dog tied up outside while it's raining i think you're pretty much announcing to the ...
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  • Sweet kitty dumped on St. Marks (Underhill/Washington)
    Well, I've found someplace to donate my extra cat food, but it's a sad excuse. Someone has dumped a very, very sweet and affectionate black and white kitty near the parking lot on St. Marks btw Underhill and Washington. (It's not the lost cat Boy; I already talked to them.) This cat is not living ...
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  • Cute dog looking for a forever home.
    Hey y'all, someone found an abandoned dog and my friend took her in as a foster. He's looking for a forever home for her (his older dog prefers having the house to herself). He's had her long enough to get her spayed and do some training with her (she's a quick learner ...
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  • Urgent - 30 Kittens need help!
    Elmhurst, NY - EMERGENCY - 30 Kittens Need Immediate Rescue, 100+ Colony Cats Need Caretakerby All Sentient Beings on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 3:33pm ·URGENT SITUATION - PLEASE CROSSPOST

    A woman in Elmhurst, Queens, has been caring for 150-200 cats outside for the past couple of years. She is moving out of state ...
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  • Are two dogs better than one?
    Please weigh in, I'd like your input. I am considering adopting a second dog.

    In your experience: How do expenses compare? How do your multiple dogs get along with each other and other dogs? How is it better or worse to have two or more?

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  • Home for our cat?
    I'm REALLY hoping that I don't get bashed for this posting, as it comes with a quite a bit of sadness...We need to find a new home for our cat, Moe, a 7-year-old diabetic cat. Due to our changing financial situation, we can't afford to take care of him anymore. Can anyone offer ...
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  • Free bag of cat food
    I got the wrong cat food sent to me and the company made it right by just sending me a new one without making me return the old. Alas, only a 4lb bag, but it's Hill's Mature Hairball something something. Can any of the rescuers use this? I'm about to move across the country & ...
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  • The Animal Project NEEDS Fosters and Adopters
    A special plea from The Animal Project:We are now at capacity and cannot continue to rescue any more kitties due to the massive amount of kittens we have gotten in this kitten season and the lack of adoptions in the last month. I would beg anyone who can to foster or adopt so that we ...
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  • in search of female kitty in need of a good home.
    hi there.

    i am a reformed dog person entering the world of kittydome.

    i am looking for a female kitten in need of a new home. preferrably a kitten who would do best with just me and not another cat. i work from home so i am there quite a bit to care ...
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  • Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue needs help
    Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue (LMRR) takes in abandoned, neglected and abused domestic rabbits.

    Contact: or 856-2100-6028Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue Inc is a NJ non-profit animal shelter. Saving lives since January of 2000, LMRR has placed thousands of animals into loving forever homes.In addition they offer education, advocacy, rehabilitation and hospice care.They are ...
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  • do you own a white and grey shih tzu named Daisy?
    She's fine but please email me with a description (color and shape) of her id tag at smw380 at yahoo.

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  • Abandoned kittens
    Yesterday I found a box of 6 kittens, five days old, in a box on the sidewalk in front of the coop. Someone had written on the box that they were found without a mom. The thing is, they most likely had a mom. They were well fed and hydrated. I've found a safe place ...
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  • Advantix recall
    I found a lot of ticks on my dog recently despite recently dosing him with Advantix. The ticks were all alive and attached. I happened to be near the store where I bought it so I stopped in and asked if they had gotten other complaints. As I asked, the manager was ...
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  • Adopt a Baby Bunny For President's Day
    We had an accident. They are weaned, and 4 or 5 remain from the litter to be adopted (the brown one might already be spoken for). PM for address or phone # if interested.

    Attached files
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  • Lost Dog (small, black and tan), last seen in Bay Ridge
    Hey guys, my friend's dog ran away in Bay Ridge last night. His name is Hurricane. He is skittish around strangers but will respond to treats/food. He's about 25 pounds, and is black and tan. He has a microchip, but was not wearing his collar when he got out of my friend's gate. He was ...
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  • We need a trap to catch some kittens
    Does anyone have a trap that they can lend me? We are trying to catch 3 kittens in bed-stuy tomorrow morning. We found a place for them to go upstate.Thank you,


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  • Mutt Show is Here! Does Your Dog do a Bloomberg Impression? Ironic Facial Hair?

    The Brooklyn Mutt Show: "The Fun Alternative to Westminster"

    At Brooklyn Lyceum, 227 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY Saturday and Sunday, March 24th and 25thAs Park's Slope's Storied Public Bath readies itself for the third outing of its annual Mutt Show, The Best Beasts in the Borough are primping their paws and buffing their ...
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