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  • Adopt a little Brooklynite!
    Mayor's Alliance/Maddie's Pet Adoption Festival in Prospect Park

    Sunday, April 23, 2006

    11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    Prospect Park, Bartel-Pritchard Circle, Prospect Park West and 15th Street, Brooklyn

    Hosted by B.A.R.C. Shelter. Dog and cats from area shelters and rescue groups for adoption. Low-cost microchipping clinic for dogs and cats — ...
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  • FOUND Male cocker spaniel
    Adorable male cocker spaniel. Found today (4/1) on 7th/Berkeley with no collar. Fostering him now. He's about 20 pds, tan and neutered. Please contact me if you know anyone who is missing this lovely little guy.
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  • Foster Home Needed ASAP for Wonderful Stray Cat

    Cut and paste into your browser to view photos of Tommy:

    There is a wonderful stray cat living in an abandoned building on my street (Prospect Place). He is not feral, I imagine someone dumped him. I don't think that he has been outside ...
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  • Lost cat - bw tuxedo (Feb. 10) Park Pl/Sterling/Flatbus
    We have lost our cat Charlie. He is a shorthaired black and white
    tuxedo. He was wearing a red collar with a bell (and our phone #
    written on it).

    The last time we saw him was early Friday (2/10) morning. We believe
    he may be in the backyards between Park Place and Sterling ...
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  • We need to get the cat spayed
    We live in Park Slope and are looking for a reasonably economical vet to do the deed. Some quotes we got were sky high. Any input is appreciated!

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  • vets in Park Slope?
    Looking for a good vet in the area - anyone have opinions re: 6th Ave Animal Clinic or 5th Ave Cat Clinic? I know lots of folks go to Prospect Park Animal Hospital but I wasn't a huge fan of the staff the last time I was there with a friend's dog....
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  • Veterinarian?
    Miss Catastrophe isnt adjusting well to her new digs. Or else its a silent protest. Or the cat food. But either way, I think I need to find her a new doctor. Any recommendations for good kitty vets in the hood? (and yes, her name really is Catastrophe. and ...
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  • anyone know of a great veterinarian?
    I am new to the neighborhood and I have a cat with a serious medical condition. Can anyone recommend a great vet in the area? We live at Park Pl & Underhill.

    Thank you!

    Emily and Andy the Cat
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