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  • did anyone lose their grey tabby in bensonhurst? 5-6lbs, female
    She was found on 10/13/2011 by 19th avenue in the 70's hiding near our front porch. Please contact me ASAP if you are the owner or if you know who may be missing this wonderful sweet kitty. I can tell she was extremely loved from the time I've spent with her and that she was ...
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  • Bombay Beauty-Jett the Cuddler!!
    Jett is a gorgeous and incredibly loving Bombay with a small (about the size of a dime) white spot in the middle of his chest. When we found him on the street he was limping from what we don't know. Thankfully, he has fully recovered! He loves being held and snuggled and starts to purr ...
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  • Magnificient Madeline Midnight for Adoption!
    Maddy is a gem, a beautiful bombay worthy of admiration. She is stunningly sweet, lithe and lovely. What a wonderful girl!! She loves to be pet, held and adores being near you. She is good with other kitties and great with humans. Madeline was found in Bed Stuy.She has been fully vetted, tested negative for ...
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  • Sweet Jane the Purring Machine
    Sweet sweet Jane, the Purring machine!!! We love her! She is so sweet, so great with other animals, stands up for herself and gets along with everyone. In the video you can even see my dog got in my lap while she was in my lap and she didn't even care. Jane adores humans, loves ...
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  • Lost Black and White Cat. Help!
    Please help me find my lost cat. Lost on Butler between Hoyt and smith on 10/11 at 1 am.He is black and white. Responds to "Ahoy!" but is very timid and most likely hiding underneath something he will need to be dragged out of. Distinct markings include two white strips of fur ...
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  • Missing Family Pet in Brooklyn Heights REWARD
    Our cat BeeBop went missing on June 28. He was last seen over July 4th weekend in Brooklyn Heights on Columbia Place/State Street/Willow Place. He got scared by delivery men and broke out of a back screen 3rd floor window. He was last seen in the basement of the Heights Players on ...
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  • Found: Jack Russell Terrier
    I found a 14 lbs Jack Russell Terrier this evening at the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. He has a red collar but no tags and he is not microchipped ( the ER vet determined this). He is neutered. He seems to be in good health, he is very playful and very cute. See attached photo.
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  • Woody - Amazing Cat - Look No Further!
    Woody is a black and white male who is so loving that even rescue people whove met zillions of cats have fallen in love with him! He is just so friendly, affectionate and trusting. Woody makes funny sounds upon seeing you and head butts you the moment you are near him. He can not believe ...
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  • Jerry the Gray Tux
    Thanks for thinking of a rescued cat!This lovely Gray Tux was pulled with his (almost) twin brother Ben (listed separately) from Animal Care and Control the morning they were to be euthanized. Ben and Jerry's ears show how badly they were neglected in their former home. They were given up because of "personal problems" and ...
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  • Miles the Bombay Beauty
    Meet this sweet beautiful Panther-like Bombay beauty. Miles is a love bug, he will welcome you at the door with intensive leg rubs and look deep into your eyes. Offer him your hand and he will thank you with head rubbing and gurring sounds of satisfaction. He adores being in your lap and adores being ...
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  • Amazing Harlequin the Cat for Adoption! - So Handsome
    One morning I was walking to work and I saw a long black "tail" that I thought might be a hair extension that fell off. I stopped and looked again and realized it was too fuzzy for that. As I walked back and took a second look I realized it was a ...
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  • Radioactive iodine treatment for cats
    My cat is one of the few who cannot take Methimazole? (thyroid medication). He nearly died this past three weeks and we are happy (and $1200 poorer) to have him alive and recovering. BUT he does need to have radioactive iodine treatment. The price in the city is ANOTHER $1,900. I was thinking that there ...
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  • Low cost local pet care
    Hey everyone,

    The Daily News has a great article today on low cost pet care through city programs. This is the link, and the text is below.

    City programs can help put a leash on pet-care expenses
    Thursday, March 19th 2009, 4:00 ...
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  • Pet Sitter
    Just quick shout out for a wonderful pet sitter that has clients in Park Slope, Prospect Heights and Crown heights. She spends a lot of time with the animals and only charges $15/visit. She is skilled at giving meds and fluids. If interested in finding out more send her an e-mail at:gildaprovenzano@yahoo.comShe ...
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  • Persian Cat
    If you or anyone that you know is interested in a young, pure bred, silver Persian cat please PM me. An owner is moving and can't take her cat. This is a beautiful and extremely friendly cat. Just spreading the word.

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  • Great pup (not a pit) needs a forever home
    Sammie was dumped in a KILL-shelter by his owner (a former client) because she couldn't take him with her horseback riding. He is a great pup and needs a forever home. He is a little bit over a year and is an interesting mix (a redbone hound mix or maybe lab and ...
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  • Cat Found in Red Hook
    I found a small grey cat with tan markings in Red Hook on Tuesday night, near Valentino Park. She might be a stray but is very friendly and also might be lost. Looks like she's been out for a while. Let me know if this lovely animal is your missing pet!

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  • Kittens need a forever home
    Hi, I have 4 kittens up for adoption.

    They are all grey with white noses, paws and bellies.

    They are still a little shy, but they love to play, run around and eat.

    One looks like Bugs Bunny.

    PM me for more information.

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  • Chi, hero pit bull, for adoption
    Chi is about a year and a half, neutered, and vaccinated. We rescued him before he was let loose in Prospect Park and absolutely adore him. If my pit liked other dogs I would take him in a heartbeat but she only likes cats. Chi is incredibly affectionate and adores women, he gets along with ...
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  • The picture in the top corner is our family portrait!
    This was done by my incredibly talented friend, Kelly. She's now doing pet portraiture. If anyone is interested in having your pet photographed, please contact me and I'll forward your information.

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  • Helping Your Animals Deal With The Loss Of A Friend
    On Wednesday afternoon my wife and I are going to say good-bye to an old friend of ours that has been with us for the last 8 years. We are going to have the procedure done in our home because we have read that it helps the other animals (1 dog & 3 cats) ...
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  • Please help the homeless kitties
    As you know our very own crazy cat lady caseopele and her partner are looking for some help. Many of you already know how passionate she is about these animals and goes above and beyond to help. Recently she posted about a family of kittens that needs help:
    "Please if you can share ...
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  • Tipping dog walkers
    Do you? Should you?

    I'll need a walker soon and am wondering if it's standard procedure to tip daily/weekly/just on holidays? I sort of classify this as babysitting in that you're basically paying a person to do a service and they therefor don't rely on tips (meaning a lot of walkers ...
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  • Missing Senior Black Cat-Brighton Beach
    Hey everyone. Hoping to find some help. Posted on here about 3 years ago when our cat went missing-he came back after 3 days, was hiding in a yard, accidentally locked out.He's missing again-this time early morning July 4th. Some people were setting off fireworks, looks like he got spooked. Lost around Coney Island Avenue/Brighton ...
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  • To be killed tomorrow (july 19th) AM at Brooklyn ACC
    These two kitties were dumped at the Brooklyn AC&C after their crummy owner was arrested. From 11226 these Brooklyn kitties need a hero to come forward offering to adopt or foster them. See links for the kitties bios and please consider rescuing both: and who to contact can be found here:
    Closed 52 views 1 comment Started by alana Brooklyn Pets
  • Lost Black Cat -- Park Slope/Boerum Hill
    Between 4th and 5th Ave. between Union and Sackett. "Snow Black" is a short-haired black cat with yellow-brown splotches. Please PM me if you see her.

    Attached files ...
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  • Animal Kind - Dr Spiegel?
    I just found out that unfortunately Dr. Spiegel left Animal Kind... Does anyone know where she is working now? We loved her.

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  • Desperately need help with young cat and her newborn kittens
    There is a super friendly young cat (under a year) that has been hanging around our block for the last few weeks. At first I thought she belong to someone because she is so sweet and approaches everyone. However, I recently found out that she is a stray and tonight I found out ...
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  • Frankie needs a home
    Frankie is a full grown English Bulldog with aggression problems who is available for adoption from Sean Casey Animal Rescue in Brooklyn, NY. For more information please call (718) 436-5163 or e-mail
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  • cat feeder
    all my regular sources aren't avail and i may need a cat feeder next week. since christina has left town, does anyone know any trustworthy cat feeders?

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