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  • Lost Cat Feral Colonies in Ditmas Park
    Does anyone here know anything about the feral colonies in Ditmas Park in the areas between Beverly rd and East 16st and 18 street? I am searching for a cat that was lost in that area and may have taken up with the ferals. The cat is a rescue from the Bronx and ...
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  • Did you lose your brown tabby cat (male)?
    I found a neutered male brown tabby cat this evening on Prospect Place place between Classon and Franklin. He is EXTREMELY friendly and looks to be around 7-8 years old. He is thin and dirty - probably has been outside for several days or weeks. He has a very long, white nose. ...
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  • anyone here feed the cats in the vacant lot on bergen btwn flatbush 5th ave?
    or, do you know who does?

    i've passed by there a few times recently and seen quite a few cats. i know someone feeds them because there is food out in bowls, etc. none of the cats i've seen are ear-tipped, and they seem friendly. do they "belong" to someone? does anyone know ...
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  • Saturday evening dog walker
    Any suggestions as to who might offer dog walking services in Prospect Heights on Saturday evenings, say between 6 and 8pm?

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  • Boxer needs a home soon
    please can some help this great dog he is a full boxer from park slope that need a home soon i am moving in 45 days can not have him help help help call for info on him thanks so much he is 4 years old loving dog

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  • Boxer or Pointer owners
    Anyone have a boxer or pointer? We're looking to add one or the other to our family this summer, and are looking for advice, breeder information, insight, etc.

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  • thank you
    i am sure but i think help is on its way for my boxer thanks so much [video]

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    hi i have a boxer 4 years old fully house train need a home please help thanks

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    Meet the wonderful kitty who has been living on our block this summer:

    She’s very sweet and really a beautiful cat. I suspect she once had a home because she’s so tame and comfortable with people. She’ll come right up to you and rub against your legs. (In my experience with ...
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  • Dog Boarding Facilities
    If you have used a boarding facility and was compeletly satisfied with their services, please provide me with their name and contact#.

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  • Your old towels blankets are needed...EE Pets is collecting to help shelters
    E&E Pets is collecting your old blankets, towels, dish towels, pillowcases, sheets, pet beds, crates, leashes, toys, etc., to help keep the furry ones warm and happy as temperatures drop.
    The shelter also needs newspapers, plastic bags, bleach, dish soap, and paper towels, so we'll be collecting that as well.
    Closed 56 views 1 comment Started by evbk Brooklyn Pets
    Last night my dog Jager who is in Brooklyn for the first time got scared and slipped out of his collar. He is black and tan and about 40 pounds. He is shy at first, but very friendly and will most likely come up to someone walking a dog (he loves other dogs) He ...
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  • Four Fabulous Kittens Need a Home! (Now with video!)

    Here is a flyer - more details below it:

    Four little kittens came to our back yard in Bed-Stuy with their feral Mom. We took them in and have been socializing the kittens (Mom is too feral to keep inside). They are not completely relaxed with new people, ...
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  • Dressing up your cats for halloween
    No way my cat would have this much patience, I hope they got treats after this.
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  • Any resources? Want to keep foster cat
    Any one have any experience or recommended resources on this? Sorry for the long-ish post.
    We have been fostering a cat since the end of June; the original verbal agreement was to keep the cat until the end of August.
    The owner got in touch to pick up the cat on September 13, and ...
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  • Where to get a puggle in NYC?
    I want to get a puggle, preferably under a year old. Does anyone know a breeder or a place where I can get one?

    If you have advice on choosing a breeder that would be appreciated as well.

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  • Shoutout- thumbs up to Prospect Park Animal Clinic
    With all the complaints about vets and threads asking for vet recommendations, I just wanted to give a thumbs up to my vet (who I just returned from) at Prospect Park Animal Clinic. I initially brought the pup to Animal Kind and, while I was happy with the service, I did feel like they ...
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  • Letter from a shelter manager
    I think our society needs a huge “Wake-up” call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all…a view from the inside if you will.

    First off, all of you breeders/sellers should be made to work in the “back” of an animal shelter for just one day. ...
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  • Coney Island Kittens: Adopt Cutie Patootie

    Sister Kittens. These two really should be adopted together.
    Marie Roberts, who paints the banners for the Coney Island Circus Sideshow, rescued the kits, writes: "Cutie and Patootie were in foster care but they are still looking for a home with that special human. They aren’t shy anymore and purr constantly. ...
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  • The cat loves mint, so weird
    I picked some mint sprigs and placed them in my canvas bag. When I got home I tossed the bag on a chair and the cat jumped on the chair and started seriously sniffing and licking my bag! I was confused, then I remembered the mint was in there and pulled it out. I snapped ...
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  • Looking for a playgroup for my foster dog
    I've been fostering this great dog for a few weeks, and every time I walk him I see how much he'd like to be able to socialize with some doggie friends. But the rescue I foster him for does not want me to take him to a dog run - and my poor cutie is ...
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  • Sweet pitbull needs a job or active home!
    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to introduce you to a female pitbull named Hope (aka Honey Girl).

    Hope came into rescue several months ago, emaciated, just skin on bones, with open wounds all over her body. After several weeks of care in foster home, it became clear that Hope required constant ...
    Closed 47 views 1 comment Started by janthony39 Brooklyn Pets
    Sunday, October 31st ● Noon – 5PM

    Great family fun day with activities for kids, bbq, beverages, desserts, games, raffles, adult, kid and pet costume contests and more!!! The Open Mic Project will be performing here too! ...
    Closed 62 views 1 comment Started by animalsforadoption Brooklyn Pets
  • Adorable Boxer mix looking for forever home
    Beautiful, sweet Jake was on the euth list at the Manhattan AC&C when I stepped in and offered to foster him.

    He's such a doll, it’s hard to know where to start! This 1.5 year old, really handsome dog still has the irresistible, wide-eyed innocence of a puppy, but with all the good manners ...
    Closed 41 views 1 comment Started by bright sky Brooklyn Pets
  • cat FLUTD problem--any advice?
    Hi all! I think many people in this forum have pets, and I would like to have an advice about my cat's medical problem.

    Recently my male cat got sick and it was called FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease)---basically he got infection in his bladder and got urinary stones, that blocked the ...
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  • Getting rid of your cat? You and a hundred other people
    Do you think it's going to be easy finding a home for your kitten, adult, or senior cat? Take a look at the number of cat and kittens for adoption postings on craigslist, 35 just from Sunday the 29th.
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  • Disappearing stray cats
    I live in Kensington and, over the last week, noticed that a few of the regular stays that normally sleep in my backyard have disappeared... has any one heard anything / noticed the same thing happening?

    I wouldn't be worried, as I've noticed the (TNR) boys tend to go for a walkabout every ...
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  • Missing Tortoiseshell Cat
    Missing medium/long haired tortoiseshell (brown, tan, caramel, black) cat. Female, about 6 years old. No collar but she has a microchip implanted in her neck. Last seen 9/21/2010 at Bergen and Bond Streets in Boerum Hill. Please call 917.972.0217 with any information, or message me here. REWARD for her return.

    p.s. mamacita said ...
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