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  • Blisters
    I have some really painful blisters on my feet (side of the ankle).

    Any advice?

    Are those liquid bandages helpful? Any particular brand to try?
    Closed 58 views 5 comments Started by brandik Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • NYSC members--which classes are good?
    I've only been a member for a few months and have been pretty underwhelmed with the quality of the classes. Anyone have recommendations for good classes (esp yoga and boxing) at any of the north Brooklyn locations?
    Closed 48 views 1 comment Started by erikka Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Tennis racquet - recommendations?
    Though I am startlingly unathletic, I have decided to learn to play tennis. Can anyone recommend a good beginners' racquet (i.e. <$100) or give pointers on things I should look for when purchasing one? Any good sources for gently used, secondhand equipment?
    Closed 56 views 3 comments Started by bklyntransplant Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • in line / roller blades
    Right now I am running between 2.5-5 miles a day and it is aggrivating the arthritis in my knees and hips. I think I am going to switch a few days a week to in line skating / roller blading during the summer months to give my knees a break, but I have never ...
    Closed 2.9K views 6 comments Started by saram Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Easing Sore Muscles
    Spring is here and weekend warriors are gearing up. I must be getting older because last week I woke up on Sunday sore as hell... had a particularly active Saturday and paid the price.

    Wanted to open up a topic here about curing sore muscles. First, here are some things that I've ...
    Closed 49 views 5 comments Started by the drunken guest Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • jogging in the park during weekdays
    Now that it's getting warmer, I'm thinking about jogging in prospect park in the mornings before going to work.

    Does anyone know if people are even out there on weekday mornings between 6-8am?

    What I'm concerned about is jogging and finding myself the only person on the road as I get ...
    Closed 79 views 11 comments Started by doublediamond Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Runners Monday 6/2: Check Out The Brooklyn Hash
    Start: Start: The Plaza Outside The Target At Atlantic Terminal

    Transit: 2345BDQMNR To Atlantic-Pacific

    In case you haven'tt heard of us, The Brooklyn Hash House Harriers is a group of runners who meet at a predetermined location in the Borough of Brooklyn. They are part of a loosely organized worldwide ...
    Closed 166 views 13 comments Started by steve Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Dodgeball...Sadistic or Super?
    kickball? wasn't that banned from elem. and high schools because it was such a sadistic sport?

    i have very terrifying memories of kickball. you guys can't play croquet or something?
    Closed 179 views 20 comments Started by brooklynpotter Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • anyone bike to work?
    I want to start riding to work again (I'm in Times Square/Midtown West) and was wondering if anyone else rides in the morning and what their route is. Wouldn't be bad having someone to ride with--just be warned I get in early :roll:
    Closed 70 views 8 comments Started by erikka Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Best place to buy new sneakers?
    So, I need a new pair of sneakers. Mostly for walking, a bit of bike riding.

    I want to find someplace that has a big selection and decent prices.

    I don't need a runner's shop or someplace specifically with great expertise or testing on treadmills, etc. (while that's all nice to have, I ...
    Closed 71 views 5 comments Started by remybklyn Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • 9th street YMCA
    I have a membership to the 9th street YMCA, and am horrible at getting myself there. When I do go, I just jog for 30-45 minutes.

    I am interested to know if there are any classes and or personal trainers there that people are totally into...

    I do need a trainer, and ...
    Closed 162 views 10 comments Started by gretel Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Physical Therapists in Brooklyn
    Hi, I'm looking for a good physical therapist (knee related) in Park Slope, Brooklyn Hts or Cobble Hill area. Has anyone used:

    - Metro Sports on 7th Avenue
    - Profitness Physical Therapy on Court Street
    - Brooklyn Heightsts Physical Therapy on Joralemon?

    If so, what are your thoughts -- good? bad? Would ...
    Closed 289 views 10 comments Started by quiddity Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Clipless Pedals
    Is there anyone who has recently switched over from pedals with clips to clipless pedals?

    I need to make the move for my road bike if I'm going to have any hope whatsoever of completing a century this summer.

    What am I in for as I try to make the change?
    Closed 76 views 6 comments Started by limestonekid Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Massage
    Any suggestions for where to go for a great deep tissue massage
    at a reasonable price?
    Closed 73 views 12 comments Started by diane Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Gym Recommendation :?:
    Hello, I am about to move into Brooklyn near 4th Avenue and Bergen Street. What are the closest gyms? I'm partial to New York Sports Club, but any would do. Just clean, not too crowded, good amount of free weights, machines, and some cardio too. Thanks!
    Closed 37 views 1 comment Started by zerogee Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Do You Ever Fart While Working Out In The Gym?
    Just wondering...say your on a cardio machine, about half way through your workout and you have got to cut one, do you just let it rip or do you stop and go into the locker room?

    Also, say one slips out while doing some sit-ups, do you pretend like it never happened ...
    Closed 103 views 6 comments    Jump to most recent comment by idlewild Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • recommendations for good adult brooklyn dance school?
    can anyone recommend a great dance school in brooklyn that offers a diverse selection of adult classes?
    Closed 28 views 1 comment Started by shamayb Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Keep The Runners Off The Brooklyn Bridge!
    Oh man, how many tourists have I hit while riding my bike on the Brooklyn Bridge? A few. How many runners/joggers? A few. But the tourists are expected. They come to NYC to see the Bridge and walk across it. Us bikers, well most of us are actually going ...
    Closed 127 views 20 comments Started by oiseau Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • This morning's race
    Subject: This morning's raceAnyone else run in the 5K this morning in Prospect Park? It was a lot of fun, although very cold, naturally. This was my first Bklyn Road Runners race but I definitely look forward to a lot more.
    Closed 65 views 4 comments    Jump to most recent comment by furrygreyboy Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Boxing
    I want to start boxing...not to actually compete but just to learn how to do it and get in better shape. I already go to a regular gym, but want to change things up a bit. Anyone have any suggestions about where to go? I called Gleasons Gym in Dumbo and they seem to have ...
    Closed 49 views 3 comments Started by mixergirl Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Soccer?
    Anyone out there who plays in a game or needs players?
    Looking for a not too competetive over 30s game in Brooklyn, prospect park preferred.

    I also run a game on Saturdays and Sundays on Manhattans Pier 40 if anyone is interested we always need some more guys.

    Closed 81 views 8 comments Started by kaiserkai Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • treadmills?
    can anyone tell me what the going rate for a decent mid-range treadmill should cost me? i don't need bells & whistles. i want it for walking, not running. i would prefer it folded up rather than take up half of my living room :wink:

    i'm trying to decide ...
    Closed 45 views 3 comments    Jump to most recent comment by em26 Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Dawes Lightning SST fixed gear bikes, anyone?
    Anyone know anything about these bikes? They seem to me like good bikes, and I can get a good deal on one, new. But being a bike novice, I don't know anything about the brand.
    Closed 264 views 3 comments    Jump to most recent comment by daveffreep Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Personal trainer
    Does anyone have a personal trainer recommendation? I'm a regular runner and triathlete and need someone to help keep me on a strength training program.
    Closed 139 views 9 comments    Jump to most recent comment by cyclo Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Speed
    After increasing my speed consistently over the course of the year, I seem to have plateaued (around 7:50 minute mile for 6 miles). I have the occasional fast day but then drop back into the mire. Any tips or suggestions on how to increase speed?
    Closed 60 views 3 comments    Jump to most recent comment by escap Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Cheap tennis lessons?

    I used to take lessons at the defunct South Oxford Tennis Club in Fort Greene. I know about the Tennis Center at Prospect Park, but they charge $40 per hour :roll:

    Anyone have any alternate places where I can inquire?

    Closed 50 views 2 comments Started by supergirl Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Cardio Kickboxing @ Washington Ave. Martial Arts studio
    two things:

    1. anyone take this class? how is it?

    2. anyone want to take this class with me? I think it's a must for me.
    Closed 67 views 6 comments Started by alafairnadia Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Fitness Etiquette
    Ok, I'm grossed out. A guy came to yoga today coughing like he had GOBS of boogers in his chest. Completely nasty cough - wet and rattling.

    I know some people think they simply MUST work out...and that maybe it will make them feel better.....but for fuck's sake - don't come to a CLASS ...
    Closed 66 views 9 comments    Jump to most recent comment by idlewild Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
    Location:Greenpoint, Brooklyn, USA

    After thirty years in New Jersey and another ten in Iowa, I've recently relocated to Brooklyn. And in an effort to get to know the city, I've decided I'm going to try and run every mile of it.

    The guy ...
    Closed 45 views 2 comments    Jump to most recent comment by pureistheword Brooklyn Sports and Fitness
  • Anyone watch the marathon?
    I did, for 26.2 miles, and I have to say when I got to 4th ave and 9th street the Brooklyn fans were going wild. The slope and up to/just past BAM was one of the greatest parts of it for me. Thanks to everyone cheering and yelling go Dave or go Brooklyn ...
    Closed 90 views 24 comments    Jump to most recent comment by steve Brooklyn Sports and Fitness