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  • The junction grows

    I guess 600k sq ft of space wasn't enough. 80k more will be added, the link seems to indicate that they are expecting a supermarket or large dept. store. I've also seen a couple of places in my neighborhood picked up by developers at over asking prices so I guess things are getting serious when ...
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  • looking for a studio/1 BR
    I'm looking for a studio or 1BR in the area. I've got Section 8. Anyone have any possible leads on landlords who accept Section 8? The lists I've been using from the internet are horrible. I don't want to live on the scary edge of town. I'm single, quiet, and responsible.  
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  • The Peopling of Flatbush
    Has anyone ever seen this site before? - https://macaulay.cuny.edu/eportfolios/moses2015/about-us/

    Its an academic project from Brooklyn College students that trace the history of Flatbush. Entries are short and to the point and strike me as an interesting, decent starting point for those interested in this area's history. I know we got some history buffs on these forums ...
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  • 3120 Glenwood

    This one sold for over 1m. I walk past the building some days, and from the zillow pictures you can see it looks pretty bad inside and out. Glad to see it sell instead of remain vacant. The buyer already filed permits for construction fences, so I'm guessing it will end up coming down. I ...
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  • 490 lefferts Ave rendering

    They say it's in East Flatbush, this is in the northern end of east Flatbush, apx 6 blocks from Prospect park. The location is interesting because it's further east than developments have traditionally gone. Look out 2/5 lines you're about to get jam packed.

    The rendering is nice enough, but I would want to see more ...
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  • Old woodframe pair on Fairview Pl possibly to be knocked down
    Walked down Fairview Pl today, between Martense and Church ave, and noticed that the only wood frame houses on the block, 12 and 8 which are right next to each other, seemed semi-abandoned and had "RAT POISON" warning signs everywhere. I looked them both up on ACRIS. 8 Fairview sold on July 16th for $800k, ...
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  • cb 17 rezoning attempt in 2007?
    Was the 2007 attempt to have cb 17 in Flatbush/E Flatbush downzoned unsuccessful?
    I found this article online but I couldn't figure out what the outcome was. 
    I know that Ditmas ...
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  • 210 Linden Boulevard
    210 Linden Boulevard, one of the most interesting houses in Flatbush, is being torn down. 
    Described by Brownstoner as "Four-Square with Renaissance Revival/ Beaux Arts style ornament", it's been in rough shape for a while. Apparently it was used as doctor's offices for decades and had several additions and alterations over the years. 
    Right now there is ...
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  • Another Lenox wood frame will probably be torn down..
    154 Lenox Road, between Bedford and Rogers


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  • Meet your neighbors! I throw Potluck Dinner Parties 4 times per year at my apartment in Midwood!
    I run a meetup.com group (it's free) and throw these free potlucks at my place in Midwood about 4 times per year. Other people in the group have them at their places all over NYC too... people bring excellent food and wine. I have a full bar , we make cocktails, we eat, we drink, ...
    64 views 1 comment Started by gigs2go Flatbush/Midwood/Ditmas Park
  • Big gang bust on Linden
    In one of the recent threads about crime, somebody mentioned that the FBI gets involved in some of the gun trafficking and narcotics cases. Well, they are involved in this one, Wednesday morning on Linden:


    "Police said they believe the Crips subset is responsible for a recent uptick of shootings in the area; shootings with rivals ...
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  • Beverly and Flatbush shooting
    http://gothamist.com/2014/04/15/13-yr-old_bystander_shot_in_face_du.php 13 yo kid shot in the face at noon - broad daylight and a busy space. I taught this kid in second grade -- he was a really good, sweet kid. Breaks my heart, glad he is stable at Kings county. The SOS program in crown heights is often discussed here. Does East Flatbush/Flatbush have something ...
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  • 1506 New York Ave

    Two 9 unit buildings will go up (total 18) each 4 stories tall. All signs point towards them being rental units, since that is something in the current developers wheelhouse. 

    I for one am excited to see this since I live near there and for the last few months it's just been an empty lot. I ...
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  • 2217 Caton Ave, commercial condo, sells for $14m

    "Jonathan Joels’ Portman Property Group purchased a commercial unit at the BeCa Condos in Flatbush for $14.2 million. The 8,700-square foot commercial condo and garage is part of the eight-story building at 2217 Caton Avenue. Gibralt Capital Corporation is the seller. - "

    The ground floor is currently a day care center. The unit has a ...
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  • IHOP on Church Ave
    The flatbush board feels a little dead to me, so for all of those south-of-the-park line people (i'd like to think they're lurkers, like me) I figured i'd start a conversation vaguely interesting: the soon-to-open IHOP on Church Ave! (between Bedford and Flatbush, across the post office).

    I wish i knew when it would be opening. ...
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  • Church/Nostrand cleanup
    In conjunction with Tilder Block Association (https://www.facebook.com/TilderBlockAssoc) a cleanup in the general area of the 2/5 stop at Church Ave will be taking place. Join us at 9AM at Dunkin Donuts - 1467 Nostrand. We will supply trash bags, but bring a pair of gloves if you want them. We will clean up the area, ...
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  • Flatbush Ave Street Fair, Sunday, June 14th
    Copied entirely from:  http://ditmasparkcorner.com/blog/events/enjoy-games-rides-vendors-more-at-the-flatbush-avenue-street-fair-this-sunday-june-14?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork

    It’s that time of year again! The annual Flatbush Avenue Street Fair, one of the summer’s most popular events in the area, is this Sunday, June 14 from 12-6pm. The event, which is organized by the Flatbush Avenue Business Improvement District and annually draws thousands of people, will be ...
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  • Nike store opening on Thursday 5/28


    2236 Nostrand Ave, close to Brooklyn College and a massive Target store. It will be apx 20k sq ft. 

    I went by the location this weekend and it was a very large store for the area, but about half of it is accessible, the other half likely for inventory. They do have the option to expand to ...
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  • Dollar Junction on Caton and Flatbush (dollar junction dollar junction DOLLAR JUNCTION)
    spotted this depressing thing this morning on my way to work. The beautiful old bank building on the corner of Flatbush ave and Caton has been for rent for ages, previously having been a mattress place and another bank before that. I felt like the corner location and rear loading entrance made for huge potential ...
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  • Good eats
    I saw this article about eating near brooklyn college 

    What's your favorite spot near the 2/5? I like Faye and King for some west indian food and Napoli pizza for a slice. There's also a really good smoothie spot on Glenwood (x nostrand), I can't remember the name but I went a dozen times last summer.  
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  • Someone is 50x more organized...

    That is certainly a lot of development. I think it's also fair to point out it's only stuff permits are filed for, it doesn't include reno's or a few less scrupulous developers. 
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  • 733 Rogers to get replaced

    16 units over 15,045 sqft, or apx 950 sqft per unit. Given the size, # of units, and proximity to the park it seems like this will err on the upper middle side of developments. If they are rentals, I wonder what they expect to get for them. I know it's not totally apples to ...
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  • East Flatbush gets a Cure Violence Center
    What the heck is a Cure Violence Center?https://www.ted.com/talks/gary_slutkin_let_s_treat_violence_like_a_contagious_disease?language=en In order to get a Cure Violence Center, a community basically needs three things: 1. A violent neighborhood. 2. A damn good proposal writer. 3. Community leader(s) I am pleased to annouce that East Flatbush has joined NYC neighborhoods such as eastern Crown Heights, Bed Stuy, ...
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  • Another permit filed in Flatbush

    1719 Nostrand ave, will vanish and in it's place a 17 unit apt. building will be constructed. The YIMBY article pictures a laundry drop off, this is not correct, the correct property is the house just to the left. It is fully detatched and appears to be at least a 28 ft wide lot. 800k ...
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  • possibly landing in sublet near Ditmas Station - safe?
    Hello --

    I have an opportunity to land in a short-term sublet arrangement in a house on E. 4th St between Ave C and Cortelyou Rd.  I'm mainly concerned about the subway station and walk to/from.  Does anyone who lives in or is familiar with this area have any comments or pointers?  Also, are there any ...
    110 views 1 comment Started by psbklyn Flatbush/Midwood/Ditmas Park
  • Are you ready PLG, Flatbush and Ditmas Park? Here "she" comes
    Screenshot 2014-03-03 14.34.56

    One can see the junction of Empire and Flatbush in the background. I give this video points for targeting a specific demographic, and assuring them that they will be "happy" and safe in the area... 


    Here she comes! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Dvu6FD_lI

    This video is from a ...
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  • Baby on the way...
    So as many of you know, I'm due with baby #1 in 19 days.  That said, what would people recommend I make sure I do before this terrifying/glorious event occurs?  Restaurants to try?  Shows to see?  Museums to visit?  I feel equally torn about how to spend these remaining child-free days:  taking advantage of NYC ...
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  • Flatbush Development Survey
    If you live in Flatbush, take a minute to fill out this survey! http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/?sm=CMvRtPv8302CP2Pkjzc38UZReV1MMThnSxJfmh7gqDI%3D
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