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  • A pretty well written article about that nice canal Gowanus has.

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  • Elastic City presents Unbinding the Library by Andrew Beccone
    UNBINDING THE LIBRARY / Andrew Beccone

    Unbinding the Library will consider the physical, historical, and ecological relationships between the Reanimation Library and Gowanus—the neighborhood in which the library is situated. Starting at the Reanimation Library, participants will reproduce images from the library that correspond to one of the above categories and then, as a ...
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    The Gowanus NITE Market(GNM)is a monthly indoor pop-up market that’s never quite the same. At GNM you can expect: Rotating film industry props changing the look of the venue each month, super cool vendors ,creatively designed vendor stations utilizing furnishings from the prop shop, A wicked DJ spinning and a long list of monthly happenings.GNM ...
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  • Free Showing of Between The Folds
    Free Showing of movie Between the FoldsTuesday June 12, 7pm-8pmAbout Film:

    Filmmaker Vanessa Gould takes you on a provocative odyssey into the mesmerizing world of modern origami, where artists and scientists use the ancient art form to craft works of delicate beauty and to model cutting-edge mathematical theories. Pushing the envelope of origami to ...
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  • Art21 Screening at Brooklyn Artists Gym!
    Brooklyn Artists Gym will be hosting screenings of Art21 every other Tuesday.

    The next upcoming screening will be:

    Tuesday, April 10th from (7:00-8:00pm)

    Season 1: Episode 3

    Popcorn will be served. Come join us and bring your friends!

    Attached files ...
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  • Past, Present, and Future Opening Reception
    Past, Present, and Future

    On view Friday, April 20th through Tuesday, May 15th

    Brooklyn Artists Gym (Brooklyn, NY — March 27, 2012) The Gallery at BAG announces Past, Present, and Future, an exhibition displaying artworks by High School Students from United States and abroad.

    Brooklyn Artists Gym is delighted to announce ...
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  • Missing dog - pitbull - seen this evening at 9:30pm Carroll St. bridge
    I was coming home with a friend and we were in a car. We just drove over Carroll St. bridge and saw a young pitbull who obviously was lost. He/she was blond color and was in relatively good shape. I am sorry we couldn't have stopped but was anxious to post this ...
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  • Whole Foods finally, finally, finally. Or not.
    Decisive Vote Looms, Finally, for Whole Foods in BrooklynNew varieties of hybrid tomatoes have been created in the time it has taken for one supermarket to rise in Brooklyn.Eight years ago, Whole Foods Market bought a 4.2-acre site on the corner of Third Street and Third ...
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  • 718 Cyclery in Gowanus is “The Inverted Bike Shop
    ShowLoveWorld puts out this lovely video on 718 Cyclery, Gowanus’s bike shop at 3rd Ave. at Union St., called “The Inverted Bike Shop”. In the video the owner Joe Nocella takes us inside his shop and illustrates the unique business style that values community and customer education.
    via 718 Cyclery -”The Inverted Bike Shop” | Gowanus ...
  • Bored? Lonely? Sad?... I have the CURE
    Good day, good people of Brooklyn...Bored? Lonely? Sad?... I HAVE THE CURE!!Hand-crafted in Gowanus, Brooklyn this cinematic odyssey will lift your spirits to the heavens. I have taken the liberty of posting it upon the YouTube just for YOU...[video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB5MaIMIw8o[/video]I hope it brings you much joy and merriment.Sincerely yours,

    Streaks LaRouche
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  • some awesome spaces in Gowanus
    Hi there! I'm working on a blog project where I profile unique, creative spaces all across Brooklyn, and I wanted to share the ones I've found in Gowanus! So far I've covered: * Gowanus Ballroom: http://brooklyn-spaces.com/2011/05/gowanus-ballroom/#content

    * Bond Street Studio: http://brooklyn-spaces.com/2011/05/bond-street-studio/#content

    * Dumpster Pools: http://brooklyn-spaces.com/2011/05/dumpster-pools/#content

    * Proteus Gowanus: http://brooklyn-spaces.com/2011/01/proteus-gowanus/#contentI know there's ...
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  • Chill cheap rental spaces for theatrical readings??
    Hey! Looking for a chill and cheap rental space for a reading of a play I'm trying to schedule in the next few weeks. Any ideas?? Looking into the Lyceum, but are there any other spaces in Gowanus or otherwise that I could get on relatively short notice?? Thanks!

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  • Crazy Guy on 16th bet 3rd and 4th
    I live on this block and this crazy dude screams out his window onto 16th st. Anyone know the story on him or how to get him to shut up?

    It's annoying and when he's not screaming onto 16th he's screaming into the yard.

    And when he's not there he stands across ...
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  • InContext Artists' Studio Tour of Gowanus - April 17th
    We'll be doing a tour of 4 artists' studios and a post tour reception on Sunday, April 17 at 2pm. Check out our site for more details.

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  • Winter Salon Reception
    Winter Salon Reception
    Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 6-10pm
    Brooklyn Artists Gym

    168 7th St (between 2nd and 3rd Aves)

    Fl 3

    Brooklyn, NY 11215
    Nearby F,G, and R trains, 4th Ave Stop
    Artists: Rick Midler, John Azelvandre, Jee Young Choi, Ann Williams, Erin Barach, Andy Wellington, Veronique Gambier, Brian Petro, Richard Kessler, ...
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  • Print-Your-Own-Converse Course This Sunday, Jan 2nd
    Sunday, January 2nd

    12-3pm (w/open studio time after class)

    Instructor: Zebadiah Keneally

    $110 BYO Kicks

    $150 Get your chucks from us
    In this one-day workshop, students will be able to print their own customized Converse high tops! Upon registration, we provide the students with a template to make their own artwork ...
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  • Open Mic on Thursday nights
    I am beginning to host an Open Mic for singer/songwriters, poets, comics (and others) on Thursday nights at UltraViolet on 3rd Ave & 7th street.
    The first Open Mic will be this coming Thursday Dec. 9th and it starts at 9 pm.
    If anyone knows musicians or performing artists who might be interested, ...
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  • Kagero at The Observatory in Brooklyn!

    Hey all, The Observatory Room, a rad exhibition and event space at 543 Union St., is having a special showing of local Japanese Gypsy musicians Kagero! Their sound is funky and original and we're trying to rally some local support for them:


    hope you ...
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  • New dance lounge on 3rd 7th finally open!
    Hey, my name is Deborah and I am actually working now as an event planner
    and manager for the UltraViolet Lounge on 3rd Ave. & 7th street.

    I live in Greenpoint but I'm working in Gowanus every day now, so I'm slowly beginning to love this neighborhood.

    I'm not going to post a ...
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  • Moving to 9th st between 3rd and 4th ave? Hows the area/bloc
    I found a very reasonably priced apartment on 9th street between 3rd and 4th ave. I heard rumors that this block has had a bad reputation in the past, and I am wondering what it is like now? (Prostitution, etc.) I am a female in my early twenties...is this block a good idea or ...
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  • New Neighbor
    I'm moving into the neighborhood and wanted to get some ideas on how people like the area. I'd also like to meet new people in the area. Anyone live past ninth (increasing)? How's life? It seems desolate, but I couldn't pass up this deal.

    The only thing ...
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  • Abandoned Car On 15th St 4th Ave
    What's up with the abandoned car with foreign plates on 15th St & 4th Ave?
    It's been there for ~ 3+ months and has received 'a few' parking tickets - no boot, no tow. It's been reported to 311 many times, police have been notified - nada.
    It's still there - collecting ...
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  • Cheap beer - Jetro?
    Anyone ever shopped at Jetro (Hamilton Ave) for beer? Was at the Home Depot today and saw signs that their beer section is open to the public. Curious how good the prices are...
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  • Superfund Status Sound-Off
    The Bloomberg administration worried that calling the Gowanus Canal a superfund site would deter new business development and would-be new residents. But what about those of you who already live and work around there?

    Do you care it's called a "superfund"?

    Would you rather have had the canal cleaned up voluntarily by corporations ...
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  • Recession Friendly Family Theater at the Brooklyn Lyceum!
    Brooklyn Lyceum and Mainspring Collective bring you
    'Robin Hood: Prince of...MONSTERS!'

    The second episode of our new children's theatrical series, Monster Literature.
    Written and conceived by Daniel John Kelley

    Mainspring Collective and The Brooklyn Lyceum present the second installment of their new children's theater series, Monster Literature, written and conceived ...
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  • Who runs the silo space now? (Former Issue Project Room)
    I am looking to throw a big birthday party with bands on Sept. 3. I wanted to know who runs the old Issue Project Room space at the silo on Carroll St. It would be a great space for the party.

    Ideally, I would have outdoor space and an indoor space for bands to ...
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  • One Peculiar Evening in Brooklyn
    Wanted to let you guys know I'm hosting an event in Park Slope's Bell House this friday, July 17th. Bring whoever. Gonna be a costume contest (Winner gets cash prize), with guest celebrity judge and FREE BEER!

    WHAT: One Peculiar Evening
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  • Gowanus canal canoeing

    Anybody ever done it? I was once offered to do it but I politely declined and watched my friend do it. The thought of falling in that "water" gives me nightmares. :oops: Especially after reading it has gonohorrea.
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