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  • Brooklyn Bloggers Meetup Thursday 6/18

    Yo, Brooklyn/NYC Bloggers!

    Join us for a night boozin-n-schmoozing as we mix and mingle at the Bell House.

    Of course, we'll be rockin' some drink specials, making some new friends and, yep, givin away some t-shirts!

    Everyone is welcome, so if you HAVE a blog, WISH you had a ...
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  • meeting : GOWANUS SUPERFUND?! // saturday may 16 @ noon!
    hello brooklyn -
    we are hosting a meeting on saturday may 16, from noon - three
    @ the Brooklyn Yard,
    (400 Carroll Street between Bond & Nevins)
    to discuss the potential Superfund nomination of our fair canal.
    is the Superfund really SUPER?!
    much to discuss.
    open forum for people ...
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  • Need to transport a painting to Manhattan from Gowanus
    Hey maybe someone here can help me figure this out. I am a painter and my studio is down in Gowanus. I'm in a show in Tribeca, and I need to transport a single painting to the show this week. The painting isn't HUGE--but it is 50" wide. It won't fit in my car, and ...
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  • What's up with the empty lot beside the Montauk building?
    Subject: What's up with the empty lot beside the Montauk building?So I've lived here for 6 years now, and it still amazes me that there is this empty lot next to the Montauk, full of weeds. I always wonder why there isn't a garden there, at the least, especially since it's next to such ...
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  • I live over here...does anyone else?
    ...pretty much what the title says! I'm on Union between 3rd & Nevins, where do people do their laundry, bars, etc etc etc... Just tryin to decide if there's more here than I know about :-)
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  • New Pub on Third
    Has anyone heard about the new pub opening up on third around 13th? I passed by and it said opening soon.
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  • Missing Cat-Dusty
    Dusty has been missing from Bergen St Brooklyn btw 4th and 5th Aves since 10.9.08.. She is a very friendly, slim, petite female tiger with light grayish brown fur and white paws, chin tummy and rear white 'knee socks'. Very subtle markings, not a real tiger stripe tabby- more of a mottled effect. Alas no ...
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  • Finding an apt in Gowanus?
    Ok - not that anybody reads this forum...but still.

    I'm looking for a new apartment, or a room in an apartment. I would LOVE more than anything for this new apartment to be in Gowanus. The more industrial the better.

    Problem is - there don't seem to be any damn places available ...
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  • New AMC movie theater at 3rd and 3rd?
    My friend stumbled across this listing on Moviefone that implies AMC is building a theater called the "Old American Can Factory" on 3rd St. near the canal.


    I can't find anything else about this place except similar pages on other movie listing sites. Anyone have more info? Is this an occasional screening ...
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  • What's opening on 3rd ave btwn 12th and 13th?
    Subject: What's opening on 3rd ave btwn 12th and 13th?Anyone have the scoop on the recently beautified storefront on 3rd Ave btwn 12 and 13th? We live around the corner, and just noticed it this weekend, right next to that new beer bar opening up...
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  • Pizza Place
    Is the Pizza Grill place on fourth and 12th new? I just noticed it.
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  • Smith and 9th St Station Renovation Delayed
    Until Whoknowswhen.

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  • BBQ Place Opening On 3rd Ave?
    I pased this on 3rd ave and 6th st the other day. Anyone have more info? My fingers are crossed for somethin good!

    (In case you can't read it, it says "Coming Soon")

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  • Movin' on up!
    Subject: Movin' on up!This week there were 2 mentions of places in our lovely 'hood. One in the Metro and one in Daily Candy!

    Metro NY (bottom left of page!): http://www.readmetro.com/show/en/NewYork/20080604/1/20/

    Daily Candy NYC: 2nd Mention of The Yard: http://www.dailycandy.com/new_york/article/37006/The+Weekend+Guide
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  • Drive-in Movie Kind Of
    Rooftop films are screening some films in Gowanus this summer:

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  • Guard dogs attack, @ Bond and Carroll
    Okay, this sucks. Guard dogs escaped from the Scarano construction site and attack, @ Bond and Carroll. Police and community board unresponsive.

    Gowanus Lounge wrote: Oddly, what we called the Nightmare on Bond Street brings us full circle to the issue of powerlessness that many people feel about the impact of development on ...
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  • Fishing off the bridge
    Anyone seen that guy fishing off the drawbridge really early? :oops:
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  • Looking for an apartment

    My wife and I are looking for an apartment in Park Slope. We also have 2 very gentle small dogs. Can anyone please suggest where we can look besides Craigslist and without having to pay brokers?
    Thank you for your suggestion.


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  • Life on Union between 3rd 4th Ave…
    Hi, I’m moving from Washington, DC to Union Street (633 Union St, to be exact!), and I’m wondering what to expect…anyone familiar with this block? (Or the building I’ll be living in!?) Is the block pretty safe? How’s the noise – and having the Holiday Inn as a neighbor? I’d appreciate any ...
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  • The Obamathon: TOMORROW, BATTERY PARK, Noon to 3pm
    The Obamathon is a fundraising walk and festival in Battery Park being held May 12th organized by New York for Obama. New York State Senator Bill Perkins will be out guest of honor, speaking at the event in support of Senator Obama's presidential run.
    Live musical performances on the lawn of Battery Park from ...
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  • Barack Obama Supoprters in Brooklyn
    There's a new group formed for people supporting Senator Barack Obama for president--if you are interested the first meeting is next week. Check it out here: http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/4jg92 There are lots of other neighborhoods involved as well. http://www.brooklynforbarack.com
    The Obamathon is coming May 12th as well. See you in ...
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  • Minke Whale - Brooklyn Coast conditions
    When I heard there was a Minke whale in the Gowanus Canal area, I thought to myself ... thats just disgusting (for the whale). Not yet my sea friend, this part of the Brooklyn coast is far from being able to support your visit. In human terms, it is comparable to spending a ...
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  • Merged: Gowanus Canal whale
    Subject: WHALE in GOWANUS!!!http://www.gothamist.com/2007/04/17/whale_of_a_tale.php
    Closed 142 views 26 comments Started by josseleen Gowanus
  • New Constuction 3rd and President...hotel?
    Construction fence is going up this morning on corner of 3rd and President at the old 1 hour drive through dry cleaners and used car lot (where in 4 years I never saw a single car sold). Rumor is hotel but neighbors were never approached for purchasing lots....I don't see how the site is large ...
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  • gunshots
    it's 10:20 on 3rd ave. + st. mark's
    i just heard gunshots
    like the sound of a tire exploding
    but in sucession and when they stop exploding at 6
    you know they were probably gunshots..........

    did anyone else hear anything?
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  • Dance Studio on 3rd and 11th?
    Has anyone tried out the dance classes at the new dance studio on the corner of 3rd Ave and 11th Street? It looks really nice (as I live directly across the street and can spy) and i was wondering how the classes are.

    Little bit of gossip: I saw someone cleaning out the old ...
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  • Is this Neighborhood Safe?
    My husband and I are thinking about renting an apartment on 9th Street between 2nd and 3rd ave. It seems pretty industrial but other than that I'm not sure there is a problem. We have an infant so we want to make sure its safe. Any thoughts??
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  • Gowanus is about to really be on the map.
    Recent building zone changes have taken place in gowanus. If you drive down President between 4th Ave & Nevins St. you will see 3 factories for sale and the huge factory between 4th and 3rd ave has already been sold. The 24 hour dry cleaner on 3rd and Pres has been sold to a developer ...
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  • Neighbors - Mind if I hang a Banner on my building?
    I'm planning on hanging an 11 foot wide by 17 foot high advertising banner on the side of my building (3rd Ave in the named streets). The advertising will be for my business but I may eventually sell the ad space down the road. It will be along the lines of the Red White and ...
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  • Gowanus Nursery Schedule
    Does anyone know how late in the year Gowanus Nursery stays open?
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