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  • Lido Bar
    is it really closing??
    Closed 92 views 2 comments Started by iluvbrooklyn Red Hook
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  • FREE Daffodil bulbs to plant from NY4Parks, Oct 27
    I've posted before about the free bulbs (there's a long thread in Crown Heights)
    - you have to agree to plant them in a public place (like a tree well)
    - and now they have arrived.

    As part of the Daffodil Project, New Yorkers for Parks will distribute bulbs at the following ...
    Closed 75 views 1 comment Started by pitu Red Hook
  • Bar Robbers Caught
    robbers caught . . . they came back in as customers . . .

    from the NYTimes

    Bartender Snaps a String of Tavern Holdups
    Published: October 17, 2007
    A bartender’s quick thinking led to an arrest in a string of Sunday bar holdups in Red Hook.
    Closed 61 views 2 comments Started by pitu Red Hook
  • Stitch N' Bitch at Sunny's
    Subject: Stitch N' Bitch at Sunny'sHey fans of Sunny's in Redhook Brooklyn and Redhookers that knit. I'm posting this for Tracey Balzano (Sunny's daughter), she is organizing Redhooks first bar-based Stitch n' Bitch. Cheers Tracey B., best of luck to you and yours.

    Beginning on October 17, there will be an informal knitting group ...
    Closed 91 views 1 comment Started by the yarn monkey Red Hook
  • Rocky Sullivan's / Liberty Heights Tap
    Subject: Rocky Sullivan's / Liberty Heights TapHaving been a regular at Liberty Heights Tap for several years, I'm totally dismayed at the changes resultant from its change of ownership. It used to be you could get a range of draft beers there (admittedly mostly Five Point, from the adjacent brewery, but that was okay because ...
    Closed 98 views 10 comments Started by johnife Red Hook
  • Elite Fitness Studio
    Does anyone go? How is it?
    Closed 80 views 1 comment Started by iluvbrooklyn Red Hook
  • the problem with fake grass on the ballfields . . .
    I've been eyeing that hypergreen as I enjoy a chile relleno on the weekends . . .

    NYTimes coverage, "On Playing Fields, Grass Is an Endangered Species"

    so I was happy to read that article in today's NYT. Here's the potential problems with fake grass:
    1. it gets hotter than a ...
    Closed 46 views 2 comments Started by pitu Red Hook
  • What's the Hook? community photo project
    Subject: What's the Hook? community photo project :D
    Closed 36 views 1 comment Started by pitu Red Hook
  • UPDATE: BallFields -Department of Health Park Comm..

    The Red Hook Ball Fields Update: some good, some bad.

    Due to forces of nature (rains, floods, transit delays) Cesar Fuentes was on his own meeting with big guns from both the Department of Health and the Parks Department. Long story short, the Food Vendors of Red Hook Park have about ...
    Closed 91 views 17 comments Started by MOD Red Hook
  • Lenells??? Lost their lease?
    I have heard tons of rumors about the wine store losing their lease, and I actually talked to an employee and confirmed this. I am probably not the first to think that this a big loss to Red Hook. But there has to be something here, why would she lose her lease? ...
    Closed 112 views 20 comments Started by anonymous Red Hook
  • Reccommend Good Local Car Service, Anybody?
    International advertises here a lot, but they actually are not local, they are horrible, and they do not know the area. Is there a good, local, option?
    Closed 58 views 7 comments Started by anonymous Red Hook
  • Driving School Hang Out?
    I was out for a ride on my bike today and I saw these driving school cars and their drivers hanging out by the pool and ice rink.

    One of the strangest thigs I've ever seen.

    Does anybody know what's up with that?
    Closed 39 views 2 comments Started by limestonekid Red Hook
  • Has anyone else heard some REALLY loud birds in Red Hook?
    This weekend, on two different nights, I heard a VERY loud bird around 11pm. It sounded a lot like a parrot, but I couldn't see it. One was in a street tree on Van Brunt and the other was in Coffey Park. The one on Van Brunt was mimicing a car alarm and ...
    Closed 103 views 2 comments Started by anonymous Red Hook
  • Red Hook ballfields Vendors permit not renewed after 2007?

    Is This the Last Summer of the Red Hook Park Vendors?

    It seemed to good to be true — and it was.Photos by Alexa Matson
    Brace yourselves, Latin-food lovers: The Red Hook ball fields, home to the city’s most beloved cluster of food vendors, may be closing for good in September. The ...
    Closed 80 views 27 comments Started by pitu Red Hook
  • Day Care!
    I Just moved to Red Hook and have a 1.5 year old tot just ready for Day Care..i think i've heard rumblings of a Red Hook option, any suggestions?
    or even any ideas of anyplace close that's great?

    We want a super diverse, mellow spot.
    Closed 48 views 3 comments Started by anonymous Red Hook
  • San Loco Restaurants To Celebrate 20th Anniversary With 20¢
    Nothing says "Happy Anniversary" like 20¢ tacos*. Taco lovers are invited to stop by any of the four San Loco locations on May 20th between 11AM-4AM and help celebrate the restaurant's 20th Anniversary.

    Throughout the day, happy customers pay only 20¢ for beef, bean or rice hard shell tacos. This offer is good while ...
    Closed 36 views 2 comments Started by anonymous Red Hook
  • New York Creates Craft Festival
    NYCreates, In conjunction with BWAC is producing a craft festival on the Redhook pier and will coincide with BWAC's Art Shows which are scheduled for 15 weekends May 12th through October 28th. 1-6pm
    New York Creates is a city-wide initiative helping craft artists, developed by New York Foundation for the Arts.
    You can visit ...
    Closed 37 views 1 comment Started by kathymalone Red Hook
  • Room available in duplex with balcony and private bathroom!
    If I were to tell you that I will have an available room in my fabulous one year old 1400 square foot duplex with your own private that something you might be interested in?

    About the apartment: It's right on Wolcott between Conover and Van Brunt. It's fully furnished except for your ...
    Closed 53 views 2 comments Started by anonymous Red Hook
  • Chelsea Garden store opening

    I just got an e-mail saying a new Chelsea Garden Center is opening this weekend (or maybe tomorrow) right next to the new Fairway on Van Brunt. I never went to the one in the city but I'll have to check this one out next time I go to the Fairway.
    Closed 32 views 2 comments Started by diane Red Hook
  • When do the soccer field food stalls return?
    Anyone know when I'll be able to get my elote and huaraches? Tengo tanto hambre!
    Closed 88 views 18 comments Started by 8thandprez Red Hook
  • event space/ venue rental in south brooklyn
    Does anyone know of a warehouse, art space or such that would be available for renting for a private function about 200+ ppl? I am looking to hold a reception and don't want to just stick to the catering halls - tacky and bland. I need something different and would ...
    Closed 206 views 3 comments    Jump to most recent comment by tjcheese Red Hook
  • IKEA yet?
    So anybody know when exactly IKEA will be opening up in Brooklyn? I've got a couple of things marked off in the catalog, but without a car the NJ and Long Island IKEAs are just too much hassle to go to. :D
    Closed 97 views 9 comments    Jump to most recent comment by jeffrey Red Hook
  • Photos of Red Hook for Waterfront Signage
    I am a writer working with the nonprofit group Partnerships for Parks to create interpretive signage for city parks in Red Hook.

    Right now we are looking for photos to illustrate the topics of our ten signs, which include the history of the neighborhood and its residents, the maritime economy, local ecology, ...
    Closed 37 views 1 comment Started by anonymous Red Hook
  • veg friendly special dinner for 2
    What would be your top choice for a vegetarian-friendly birthday dinner for 2? Are there other options besides 360 and Good Fork? Between the two, what's your preference?
    Closed 56 views 3 comments    Jump to most recent comment by anonymous Red Hook
  • Best Pizza Delivery in Red Hook?
    I have recently moved here from Crown Heights, and nearly did a backflip when I saw a pizza delivery man leaving my building last night. I now live in a hood that delivery people will visit! Movin' on up indeed. So, now I am wondering whether anyone has any recommendations ...
    Closed 62 views 3 comments    Jump to most recent comment by anonymous Red Hook
  • Fairway and Baked
    I walked down to 4th Ave and 9th Street this afternoon, and caught the B71 to Fairway. Today was a day off from work, and I really had no pressing plans before 9PM.

    It was quite the plesant trip. I'm a big fan of their chipolte chili powder, so I restocked my supply as ...
    Closed 87 views 21 comments    Jump to most recent comment by anonymous Red Hook
  • The Good Fork
    My wife and I and four of our friends, including a chef from a well-regarded PS restaurant made the pilgrimage to Red Hook last night to The Good Fork. Our friends had all been once before, this was our first time. When we were seated in the charming outside area my chef friend ran into ...
    Closed 69 views 6 comments    Jump to most recent comment by filmlover44 Red Hook
  • restaurants near The Hook
    hi, i am going to see a friend's band playing tonight at The Hook (on Commerce St) and would love to get something to eat around there. I am not familiar with the area. Any recomendations?

    Closed 46 views 1 comment Started by kenieva Red Hook
  • MADE in Red Hook
    My wife stole the latest issue of Men's Vogue (there's a Men's Vogue, too??) from her plastic surgeon's office and they do this nice profile on 3 architects from Yale that have set up shop down in Red Hook. From their site I can see that they've done some work in Brooklyn. ...
    Closed 36 views 1 comment Started by b Red Hook