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  • Red Hook Waterfront
    So, it's bye-bye containers and cargo ships. How do owners in Red Hook feel? I can't help feeling sad... though I suppose in the long run it might be good for property values....
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  • Neighborhood of the year on Curbed - Redhook currently #2
    Redhook is currently #2, voting ends at noon today.
    Closed 41 views 1 comment Started by ben Red Hook
  • Red Hook Ballfield
    - awesome food: fresh grilled corn on the cob with lime juice, salt & chili powder
    - cheap food: $1.50 for an arepa or pupusa and coleslaw
    - free hilarity: watching new yorkers butcher the spanish language in vain attempts to order food.
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  • Development on Columbia between Degraw and Kane
    Don't know if this should go here or BoCoCa board, but what the hey, I'm feeling it as Red Hook today (esp. with the mess they've made of Columbia with the widening)...Does anybody know whats going up on Columbia between Degraw and Kane? There was a big vacant lot there (through which the 60 ...
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  • NO STANDING parking sign on Van Brunt Street
    Do you guys know anything about the new NO STANDING parking signs that just went up on Van Brunt Street between Dikeman and Wolcott?

    It looks like we can't park on the whole block from Hope + Anchor all the way down to Baked.

    I'm concerned that this means they'll be doing ...
    Closed 59 views 4 comments Started by kitten Red Hook
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  • Parking spots in Columbia Waterfront Area?
    I apologize upfront for not being absolutely geographically appropriate to this board, but I live in this little sub-neighborhood that is neither here nor there.

    I have been happily street parking for the last few years, but circumstances are changing in my life and I need to regular parking spot in the ...
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  • Anyone know the 411 on any new developments in red hook?
    any one?

    besides the ikea there being built.

    hehe first to piss on new board ;)err post.
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  • halloween party at the hook friday oct 27
    This Friday Octobre 27th at the HOOK in Red Hook, BOOrooklyn, van Swayze presents THE GREATEST HALLOWEEN PARTY EVER featuring fun, games, booze, debauchery, dancing and free Blue Point beer beginning at 8 pm.

    With music from French rock n roll Superheroes LES SANS CULOTTES, Trick and the Heartstrings, and Toys ...
    Closed 48 views 1 comment Started by bill c Red Hook
  • Van Brunt between Dikeman and Wolcott
    Anyone know what's going on with the building across the street from Baked where the storefront is being restored? Any clue what's going in there? (This is the space to the left of the "Rosebud" storefront with the permanent diarama of a children's sled, et al.) :?:
    Closed 61 views 1 comment Started by combustiblegirl Red Hook
  • TINI wine bar/cafe?
    :?: :?:

    has anyone tried Tini? peeked in the window this past weekend after stopping at LeNell's and it looked really cute. anyone care to share their experience?

    :?: :?:
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  • Liberty Heights Taproom
    This sounds good (originally posted on the Park Slope message board). Has anyone been?

    Captain Salty wrote: Hands down, the best rooftop bar is the one nobody knows about.

    The Liberty Heights Taproom.

    Corner of Van Dyke and Dwight in Red Hook. Six Point brewery located in the back of the ...
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  • Politics
    Whatever that means to you as it relates to Red Hook.
    Closed 30 views 1 comment Started by mick Red Hook
  • What Happened to Lillie's?
    Subject: What Happened to Lillie's?So I finally got off my lazy butt to go to this legendary bar, and low and behold the place is closed. What happened?
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  • Welcome to the Red Hook board
    Thanks to Mick of for modding the forum. B61 Productions is a great neighborhood news/blog site in Red Hook.

    PS. If you want to help Mick mod, send me a PM.
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  • Pioneer BBQ Haiku Review
    I'm going to do all my restaurant reviews in Haiku now. They probably won't be good haikus.

    Good Food And Good Beer
    (what they had, when it arrived)
    Scrabble Tuesday Night?
    Closed 45 views 1 comment Started by steve Red Hook
  • Quality of Life Court in Red Hook
    Beware, brown-bag beer drinkers... This was in the NYT on Aug. 22

    Under One Roof, Trial, Penalty and Civics Lesson - Red Hook:

    quotes: "Now six years old, the court in Red Hook is one of a kind, the nation’s first multijurisdictional community court. It combines elements of criminal, family ...
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  • Red Hook farming, and farmstand!
    just reading about this place on Chowhound, and it sounds awesome . .

    Anyone been to their Saturday produce market?
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  • I Love Red Hook
    Got in the ole Zip car today, took off to Red Hook, bought way too many groceries at Fairway, ate panini on the cafe patio while staring at the Statue of Liberty and watching the water taxis and ferries, and fell in love.

    Drove back and forth across Van Brunt and loved everything ...
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  • Outdoor Movies in Red Hook
    check out the outdoor movies in Red Hook!
    8/5 - The Wiz is tonight 8:15pm at Coffey Park.
    Closed 60 views 1 comment Started by kitten Red Hook