PBS Documentary Company Looking for Film Locations — Brooklynian

PBS Documentary Company Looking for Film Locations

We at HiddenHill Productions are producing a documentary about the famous Brooklynite, Walt Whitman for the “American Experience” series on PBS. There are several locations we are in search of for filming in late August/ early September.

Location 1
An attic apartment that looks early to mid 19th century. The space should have sloped ceilings and not be too cramped. We would making this room look like Walt Whitman’s so there will set dressing involved.

Location 2
A dooryard/backyard that looks mid 19th century. The yard should not be fancy or have modern landscaping. Electric wires and other modern objects should not be visible. There also needs to be a hall from inside that leads out to this garden.

If you live at or own a building/property that might work as these locations, and are willing to have a film crew shoot there, please contact Zach at HiddenHill Productions and we can work out an arrangement.
212-582-8211 x103

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