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Best NYSC Classes (Brooklyn and beyond)

Hey Everyone,

I moved to Bed Stuy last summer and I'm still trying to find some really great instructors/classes at the NYSC's in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Before I moved I lived uptown and went to the 125th st location which had AWESOME classes and instructors. Since I've moved I usually go the Bklyn Heights location in the morning, or the Wall st. location on my way home from work... I've also been to the Cobble Hill one and a few others in Lower Mahattan. Can anyone recommend some really great classes at the NYSCs. I have a passport some I'm happy to go anywhere downtown for a good class/instructor (hell I'd settle for a mediocre class where the instructor doesn't play techno...)



  • I just went to the Thursday 7:45 Yoga class with an instructor named Rebecca she was awesome... intentive and friendly at the Cobble Hill NYSC
  • Thanks. I wonder if this Rebecca is the same woman who teaches the spinning on Sunday mornings? I "think" her name is Rebecca as well.

    That being said, spinning on Sunday mornings is really great. Her choice of music is really interesting and it's a good workout.

    There was a sub last Sunday who said that he teaches the 4:00 pilates class at Cobble Hill on Sundays. He was quite spirited... I bet his class would be really good. I might give it a try next week. :-)
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