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Picture framing...sensibly priced..suggestions?

I'm painting my apartment and one of my beloved wall art pieces was underneath some clothes I had on my sofa. So when I sat down (forcefully) of course I shattered it. The art itself can be preserved so I want to get the whole thing re-framed. Is there a sensibly priced art/picture framing store you can recommend?


  • i had this same question a month or so ago. if you search in the archives you can find a few threads about it. as i recall, most places in the area got positive reviews. i took a piece to NuNu Gallery on Union but haven't picked it up yet to see the results.
  • I had a good experience with Prints Charming. not sure if they're inexpensive, but they were very nice and spent lots of time with me.
  • I wouldn't go to any of the places around here-I am sure they are outrageously priced! i have had things framed at the place on 3rd Avenue, Frame It, for years now and am always very happy with their work. i am sure they must be cheaper than Prints Charming and such (just due to the fact that they aren't paying Park Slope rents!):


    767 3rd Avenue (between 25th & 26th Streets)
    Brooklyn, NY
  • LongTimeSloper wrote: the place on 3rd Avenue, Frame It
    Thanks for the info. I've had such sticker shock from both NuNu and San Art that I've been reluctant to frame other pieces. I'll give Frame It a try.
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