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Padergat Athletic Club Prices

Does anyone knoe how much the Padergat Athletic Club charges for gym membership?


  • I've checked out the website before and even called them but they won't release prices until they have you there. And honestly, I'm not in the mood for a high pressure sale right now.
  • hey My friend that used to be a member always told me it was around $1200 for the year...

    NEWS FLASH **** They found mold and unsanitary conditions there
  • I do remember the news feature on the mold. I was hoping it would be remedied by the time I started. But $100/mo!!!! nevermind I'll bike and do push-ups instead!
  • lol you should join the Brooklyn Rec center it's only $75 a year
    they have everything the Padergate club has and with an annual membership you can go to anyone around the city including all 5 boroughs.

    go to the NYC Parks and recreation website.
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