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annoying opera lady

Anyone else hear the girl doing opera exercises behind 6th ave between 19th and 20th? They range from shrieks to songs. I work from my yard and have tried playing tunes or listening to radio but she cuts right through it.

Is this noise pollution or am I a curmudgeon?


  • Is it all day/night? If it's an hour during reasonable hours of the day, you're a curmudgeon. If it's for several hours at very early or very late hours, you have a gripe.

    Can you figure out where she lives and speak to her?
  • either way its not noise pollution if its during reasonable hours.

    but, no, op is not a curmudgeon if opera lady is facing a wide open window and broadcasting for a half block .
    if this is the case
    I suggest shouting " shut your fucking window asshole "
    (from a concealed position !!)
    or aiming a speaker at the open window at cranking up some death metal.
    jackhammering in your yard could work wonders as well.

    of course, asking nicely FIRST might be more beneficial ;)
  • I can't believe I'm seeing your post from 2008- i've noticed this horrible opera wannabe for the last few days and it's driving me crazy (i study at home a lot). I am really sad that this has been going on that long. She's terrible and hasn't improved since 2008. Who is she??? I don't know if you are still there but I hear her from 23rd street...
  • edited September 2014

    Is she singing the Voices of Spring?
  • Is she the mother of Opera Man?

  • Nah, but she was old enough to have been his grandma.

  • she sucks. i want to put a sign on the streets so she'll shuttup. i don't want to passive aggressively public shame her, but i don't know where it comes from.
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