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National Rum Day!!

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A few weeks ago, I pondered if this was the Summer of Rum, but ponderin’ time is over. Go decorate the sugarcane tree, sing pina colada carols and hang your tiki mugs by the fireplace because National Rum Day is coming up quick.

Who designates these things? Who knows. But the authority thought this Saturday, August 16 was the right day. Not that anybody needed another excuse to mix a mojito on a mid-August weekend. Just in case you did, know that you'll be participating in a nationwide culinary tradition that dates all the way back to, well, at least last year.
Go forth this weekend and be merry! :drunken: :drunken:
So what's your favorite rum or rum drink?


  • It's also Bratwurst Day.

    So, um, there.

  • You can make drinks with rum?
    Who woulda thought
  • modsquad wrote: You can make drinks with rum?
    Who woulda thought
    a wack peen of sunshine for your small life.
    Mix one part sunshiny wack peen, one large bratwurst, one small life (rob a stroller in PS,) four parts rum. Ingest.
  • To be taken orally?
  • modsquad wrote: To be taken orally?
    Take it how you will, that is an exercise left up to the end user.

  • Back when PS was fun. Me and my ex celebrating "cultural mixed drinks day". The bike ride was grand!
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