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Recommend FABULOUS dog walkers/pet sitters

Hi All,

I don't often find someone to rave about, but if you have pets, then you absolutely have to give E&E Pets a try! They are wonderful! It's 2 women who left the corporate world behind to follow their passion and you can just tell they are animal lovers at heart. I have a pretty anti-social cat (until she warms up to people) and had to go out of town unexpectedly last week. She immediately took to these ladies! They came to my place to watch her which was great. I am also fostering a dog and they have been walking him for about 2 weeks now and he goes crazy whenever one of them comes by. I know a few other folks who use their service and they all said the same wonderful things. Apparently they walk dogs longer than you pay for (if scheduling and time allows)...simply because they enjoy it (and have helped out with errands too). They come redy with treats and toys, as well as photos/videos for you to see. Their email is They're working on a website, etc., but are trying to grow via word-of-mouth and personal recommendations. Eva and Engela are worth it!!!
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