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Lost Found...

Last night at Lost & Found (aka favorite bar) I was informed that they are closing Sunday night. They have been bought by Alligator Lounge and will close for two weeks for renovations and I'm sure a revamp of the bar's entire appeal. Basically what I'm expecting is a suckfest. So I invite anyone who's ever enjoyed L&F and its free hot dogs and awesome music and never crowdedness, to come say a proper farewell to the bar tonight and tomorrow.


  • where is it?
  • Corner of Franklin and Greenpoint Ave. Has a big sign shaped like a ferris wheel with the bar's name outside.
  • this place will always be my favorite place... even though i live across the street from the place, i always forget to call it lost and found instead of lulu's. as much as i'm going to miss the free hot's a free pizza wins me over equally. however, i will miss the jr. high boys' locker room smell when the hotdogs go.

    as long as the staff and the jukebox stays the same, i'll keep stumbling on over. for my 2 for $5 pbrs.

    any word on it's re-opening? it looked open yesterday when i got home from work... but what do i know.
  • I was actually informed this weekend that it IS still open but WILL be closing for two weeks sometime soon. I got lied to. I kinda have a feeling the free hot dogs will remain over the free pizza. Really where could they stick a pizza oven in there? As long as nothing much really changes inside. Everything is perfect the way it is.
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