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slices of cake from Baked... without traveling there.

Okay, so I'm copying this from my Chowhound post. Desperate times, and all...

Please, I beg of you... help me on my cake quest!

My goal: a slice of cake from Baked in Red Hook... without having to go there.

Don't get me wrong, I genuinely would rather head to their shop and pick something from their cases. However; I don't own a car (or hold a Zipcar membership) and I'd rather not have to drag my infant daughter there and back on the bus.

So yeah, does anyone know where I can buy a slice of Baked's cake? I searched the boards and noted that Tazza carries Baked cake, but would also be very happy if people could tell me of other places that sell it, too. I'm not very interested in their cupcakes (which I know Blue Apron sells) - nothing will do for me right now but a big honkin' slice of cake!

Help? :)


  • This is only slightly helpful but I know Grab on 7th ave and 5th st in park slope has baked brownies- they might carry the cakes as well, or might actually order you one if you prepay or something. The owners are super duper nice. I've never requested something like that but they have stocked cheeses I liked upon request.
  • wow...i have had that craving for strawberry shortcake so I know how you feel. you make me want to get in the car and go get you a slice then stop at fairway for my favorite scone.
  • Haven't been there recently, but the Cocoa Bar on Seventh Ave. near the Hospital used to carry Baked's cakes and sold them by the slice.
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    i think blue marble ice cream on underhill carries some baked stuff, but never saw any individual slices of cake.
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