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finally went to Difara's

Subject: finally went to Difara's

After seven years of living in Brooklyn, I finally had the chance to go to Difara's on Saturday night. We firgured the crowds would stay away on the night of Tropical Storm Hanna, and they somewhat did, although we still wound up waiting 90 minutes for two pies.

Watching Dom Demarco at work was something to behold. The man's body has been almost been aerodynamically streamlined to make pizza from years of doing so, and watching all those amazing ingredients just RIGHT THERE was something to behold. We ended up having an artichoke and a pepperoni pie for a group of five.

I've had all the major NYC pizza places, with the exception of Una and Nick's in Queens (but i've had Adrienne's in FiDi, which is an extension of Nick's). While Difara's is definitely a cut above all the other usual suspects listed as "the best," I still woiuld put it a close second to the best New Haven spots like Pepe's, Sally's, and the underrated Bar. Why?

1) too much oil. Dom's last pour of olive oil on the pie is just unnecessary.

2) soggy crust. not really a critique, as i honestly don't mind, but Pepe's crust doesn't do that.

3) the general disorder. sorry, folks, but other classic spots have figured out better systems. the peaktime wait is worth doing once, maybe twice, but i couldn't see myself going back to that madness too many times. it's really not THAT endearing.

anyways, great pizza, a unique experience, and probably tied for the second-best pizza i've ever had. maybe.


  • please go back and order the sicilian, plain. i never order anything else! it is always worth it.
  • I agree with ch_smooth...and have it with a Peach San Benedetto Iced Tea..

    ive never ordered anything else either, but the stuffed zucchini flowers always looked pretty good...
  • i'm often curious about the non-pizza items on their menu. but the call of the sicilian always outweighs any other craving. you can BYOB also, which i've only done a couple of times.

    agree that una pizza is one damn fine pie. that and difara's are my top picks for thin crust and sicilian, respectively.
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