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Oliva-Miele-Horan Board

I'm not complaining mind you, but I think this has officially become the the Oliva-Miele-Horan board. (Bless their little hearts) (lol) But where is everyone else? I see a few other entries but not too many. I hope people are still spreading the word around about this board because as much as I enjoyed the great get-together there were a lot of people that I remembered that weren't there. Some were posters, some were not. So let's keep the board circulating! Love ya all!



    I agree. There were many people who were not at the reunion. If you can think of anyone, please give them my email address. I keeping the official mailing list and I want to add as many friends as wants to be included. Send them my email:


    Take care,
    Christina Oliva Hagin
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