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Out of Bounds Bar Rec.

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Hey everyone, I'm writing a Bar column every other friday from Midtown Lunch. Check it out!


I could use any recommendations on bars or restaurants in Midtown that are fun and have a happy hour, and maybe food. Send me your ideas! Where should I go next?


  • Boqueria in Chelsea at the tapas bar...the food is yum. Not cheap, nice designy room. Great for an awesome glass of wine and something rich and small to eat. On the same block (19th St?) there's a couple other Spanish places that are more of A Scene, but no quiero that scene.
    : )

    Now I'll look at the site and see if this has anything to do with anything . . .
    (right. It doesn't. All my good cheap places in midtown is gone baby gone. Although you can still get a beer and a great bowl of "miso special ramen, extra vegetables" at Sapporo on 49th St. Or "gyoza rice" (bowl of miso soup, pork gyoza and a bowl of rice) It's only fun if you sit at the counter.
  • I think there are a few all-you-can-drink for $15/2 hours/well (aka get f'n wasted) happy hour places btwn lex & 3rd somewhere near the citi towers 53? 54?

    I'd wander 9th ave and 3rd and 2nd ave and check out chalkboards.
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