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How do you report an abandoned bike?

I ride my bike every day to work down in DUMBO. On the street where I park (Main Street), there are many bike racks, which are necessary because there are tons of people who bike to work down here. Needless to say, even with all the new racks, there is still quite a shortage of places to lock up your bike.

Well anyway, there has been this one bike--which appears to be a fairly new Schwinn--which has been locked up to the same damned rack for at least 2-3 months now. It is taking up half of a single-bike rack, it has 2 locks on it, and it is huge and annoying.

I looked on the DOT web site and couldn't find anything, and from what I've read (perhaps incorrectly), DOT doesn't have a policy for abandoned bikes. Is there anything that can be done?


  • Seriously? There must be somebody you have to blow to get anything done in NYC. I just got a motorcycle removed from a building's sidewalk in Union Square. A ESU police truck showed up to remove the lock. Not the small ambulance size truck, the really big truck. Before they removed the lock the patrol sgt. plus driver plus one more squad car from the 13th came to witness it. Now the traffic people come, a three wheeler, a patrol car, a van with 6 guys in it. At one time I counted 16 people standing around pretending to be doing something. Oh, I forgot the motorcycle had been parked for over a year, that's when I first started calling. Good luck, on the bike, maybe you'll be lucky.
  • Call Communuty Board 6. They can help get it removed.
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