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Party at bar in Brooklyn?

Hi! I'd love to celebrate my birthday at a bar in Brooklyn, and i could use some advice ... Anyone knows some good places, reasonably priced? I'll probably have about 30 people over, and good vibe and good music (dancing!) would be great. Neighborhood doesn't matter too much, as long as it's convenient to get to on the train. THANKS!!


  • Franklin Park's new indoor area will be open any day now (if its not already) and the space is great for a large crowd. Right in CH. 2 blocks down from 2,3,4,5 (Franklin Ave)

    Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpio! :wink:
  • Retreat Bar in DUMBO has nice space.

    If you have a definite headcount and want to dance, contact Aji on 9th St. in Park Slope. This new place is happy to make its customers happy and has dance space and might be open to you bringing in your own DJ or band.
  • My b-day was in September and about 15 of us headed over to Union Hall (right in the middle of the Slope) after cocktails at my place. It was a bit crowded but we had a great time. There are two floors with usually a band or DJ in the downstairs area.
  • I love low bar in DUMBO (under RICE). it's spacious, serves food and plays fabulous music.
  • Awesome, thanks!! Will look into all your suggestions. I know most places, except Low bar. Alafairnadia, what kind of music do they play there, do people dance?
    PS I'm sagittarius actually :)
  • are we invited?
  • Haha, sure, more people equals more fun! It's my 25th, i want it to be a bit special; at a bar instead of at my place would be fun and then i don't have to think of anything that night (and not clean up the next day).
  • low bar plays generally fun, hip music. I'd call it hipster ... the stuff I hear on the faint radio station on pandora ... but that'd make me a hipster and I'm SO NOT.

    their food is delicious, too. they have chorizo pigs in a blanket!

    good luck!
  • back room @ Jackie's 5th Amendment.

    The Backroom @ Freddy's (if there's nothing scheduled, see

    back room @ Soda.
  • Ezn wrote: back room @ Jackie's 5th Amendment.

    The Backroom @ Freddy's (if there's nothing scheduled, see

    back room @ Soda.
    Back room at Freddie= gross. Fun to party in but I wouldn't want to actually HAVE a party back there.

    Back room at Soda= you can't book the whole room. Chairs/couches are all over and unless you get there early and put dibs on all the chairs you need, you'll have party people with no place to sit in between dancing their party asses off.

    Jackie's 5th- never been, but if they're anything like the other two.... [-X
  • Oh, I guess rosieV will be paying for a party space...
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