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Christmas Day Service @ Bethlehem

Bethlehem Lutheran Church – Bay Ridge
4th & Ovington Avenues, Brooklyn NY
Thursday, Dec. 25th @ 10:30 a.m.

Christmas in Bethlehem! Where else?! Join us at 10:30 a.m. for Christmas Day Service or check out our website to see what everyone is talking about:


  • Christmas day is the "official" holiday, but many cultures, and families within those cultures, have traditions that include Christmas Eve. So, it's a matter of personal taste what tradition you want to follow. Our Christmas Eve service has a different feel to it because regular Sunday service, for instance, is during the day and there is something about an evening service with candlelight that is nice. Often it is also a matter of convenience, as travel plans or preparation for guests may require your attendence at one or the other service. Unlike some other religions, there are no "requirements" to attend any service to fulfil a obligation, for instance. So, the choice really is up to you -- you'll be welcome at any Bethlehem service.

    If you are interested, be sure to check our website ( in early December for details on both services, as well as our special Christmas Pagaent. Thanks for your interest, I hope this has helped.

    MOD NOTE: This post is in response to a now-deleted piece of stealth spam, which asked Bethlehem a question about Christmas in order to include a sig line full of ad links. In case you thought Bethlehem was just talking to him/herself.
  • teronica wrote: Do people start celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
    Does the real holiday begin on Christmas Eve (in the evening) or Christmas Day? On TV people start celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve. So do you guys start celebrating on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
    It depends on your cultural/religious traditions. The holiday effectively starts late on Christmas Eve, but not all churches have Christmas Eve services, and not everyone begins celebrating then.
    Catholics, Episcopalians, and Lutherans virtually always have a longer, more elaborate service on Christmas Eve, plus a regular service on Christmas Day; people can attend either one. But other churches generally have services on Christmas Day only (though you should check with the individual churches).
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