Red Bamboo Restaurant — Brooklynian

Red Bamboo Restaurant

Red Bamboo Restaurant

271 Adelphi Street

Brooklyn, NY

At one time vegetarian restaurants that served mock meat dishes were a place to recommend only to your worst enemy. I am a CARNIVOIRE and unashamedly so. So, I went to the Red Bamboo, only under duress or threat of familial rendition.

I was pleasantly surprised and in some cases even amazed. The Citrus Beef served Chinese style, no only tasted like good beef, but had beef’s texture. The half chicken, no only had the right taste and texture, but also looked like a half chicken. How did they do that? I guess the next thing will be to get a drumstick, bone and all out of Soya. Tell me if a chicken goes cluck, cluck, what sound does a Soya make? The portions were not large, I guess, Vegetarians can be concerned with their weight too.

There is a good bar and you can real alcohol there (Just because you don’t eat animals doesn’t mean that you can’t be sinful as well).

The crowd is mainly young gentrifiers and the noise is moderate, the DJ, plays ridiculous pop tunes, ballads or blues might be more appropriate. My biggest beef ( ha!ha!) is the eighteen percent service charge automatically put on your bill. What happens if you don’t like the service? Luckily, we did, but I still think that is kind of tacky.
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