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Pitkin Avenue 50's through the 70's

Subject: Pitkin Avenue 50's through the 70's

I remember back when my family and I were living in Brownsville, It was a nice palce to live until the late 60's when everything went to hell after that.
Pitkin Avenue was the place to shop, my older sister use to go to "The Stadium" to buy her 45's and albums, VIM was the furniture store my mom use to buy her furniture, Cheap Charlie's, Woolworth and John's Bargain store, Buster Brown and many others, where we use to buy school supplies, household items, games and toys.

Another place my mother would take us is Fulton Street, when McCory's, Mays, Marlows and A&S stores use to be.
I loved it during the Christmas season when everything was decorated along Fulton Street.
Those are one of the few memories my Sister and I missed during our childhood.
Rememer E.J. Korvettes and other stores during the early years?[/b]


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