mosquitos!!!! — Brooklynian


does anyone else have a mosquito problem?

i was eaten alive last night.
i live in brooklyn and i have mosquitos. saying that makes me feel nutty. do you have them too?

and how do i get rid of them???


  • In May? You sure it's not bed bugs?
  • They've been getting worse and worse every year and last year the tiger mosquito (more dense and compact with stripes on the underside) replaced the normal mosquito as the biter of choice in my backyard.

    With the recent rain, conditions are ripe for them to breed. So it would make sense that you're seeing/feeling a lot of them.

    They lay their eggs in pools of water, so you should definitely check your outside area for standing pools of water and eliminate them. This will help control the population going forward.

    Of course bug spray etc... is an option or one of those bug zappers maybe. I haven't heard good things about the propane mosquito trappers though, so I'm not in a position to recommend them.
  • the mosquitos did increase with the recent rain. i find if i don't eat sugar
    they don't bite. not a solution but something concrete you can do about it.
  • Don't forget to check your AC.. with the rain they maybe breeding in there.
  • thanks!

    i actually stopped eating bananas hoping to prevent bites this season. they love me. i'll try sugar as well.

    i never thought about the AC. i'm going to look into that.
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