Naidre's Cafe, our espresso is now organic/fair trade too! — Brooklynian

Naidre's Cafe, our espresso is now organic/fair trade too!

Subject: Naidre's Cafe, our espresso is now organic/fair trade too!

Naidre's Cafe has been working closely with the roasters of Porto Rico, to develop a hearty, organic/ft espresso roast, worthy of our customers! Our coffee is exclusively from Porto Rico and they have been roasting beans since 1907! We will soon be offering their beans for sale by the pound, as well as in-house specialty and estate coffees (served french press style).

With this new addition, all of our coffee, espresso and 25+ loose leaf teas are organic/ft. Our baristas have recently gone through extensive re-training, and for our veggie/vegan customers... have that latte with soy or rice milk!

Lot's of new goodies too, cupcakes with real fruit icing, vegan energy bars, fresh chilled gazpacho daily and the best darn brownies in the neighborhood for $2.50! Cakes as good as any around for $4.00/slice, and check our "What Recession? Special"... A cup of homemade soup, and grilled cheddar on artisan multigrain, only $6.00! Watch for our updated menu, coming soon!

Now in our 9th year, Naidre's wants to thank the community for their continued support. We love our customers, and strive to bring you the best sandwiches, sweets, soups, salads, and coffee/tea.

We would appreciate any suggestions from our customers. You can email us through our website, or drop off a note at the cafe!

At Naidre's, you should eat, you should drink, you should smile!


  • I love going to the Naidres in Carroll Gardens! However, may I make a suggestion that you re-train your staff in CG on how to make an iced mocha:

    1. Start with separate container than the container you give to the patron;
    2. Squeeze chocolate into container;
    3. Add espresso;
    4. Stir to mix the 2 together (hot espresso melts the chocolate);
    5. Add milk (milk cools off the espresso so that when you pour it over the ice in the plastic cup it does not melt the ice - giving you a "lukewarm mocha" rather than an iced one - nor does it melt the carcinogens from the plastic cup into your drink);
    6. Pour final product over ice;
    7. Hand to customer. :D

    I have actually trained a couple of your folks at this location because they often squeeze the chocolate at the bottom of the plastic cup (where it stays the entire time you're drinking the mocha).

    Thanks! ;-)
  • P.S. The staff in CG is very friendly!
  • Subject: mocha...

    Thanks Danielle! I will forward this link to all my staff. I always appreciate hearing from our customers, and thanks for the training!

    Janice Pullicino
    Owner, Naidre's Cafe
  • I just PM-you. Please check before forwarding link. Thanks.
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