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Animal Rescuer Potluck BBQ?

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does any one have interest to get together and share info/resources and just gab?
I live in Crown Heights, have a backyard/ grill etc. and would gladly hostess.
If nothing else we could drink beer. at Franklin Park.


  • If Caseo can be dragged out, I'll go.
  • I'm down!
  • We got all these people feeding cats, etc. lets see if we can pool resources, traps, etc. Maybe we can even get a van over here to spay and neuter. Maybe Franklin park would be a better place to meet.
  • I'm really worried about the ferals at Bergan BTW 5th ave and Flatbush. Their lot is now being constructed on and they've put up netting on the gates of the lot. One of the feeders pulled up an edge of the net, but still, I haven't seen my kitties in a while. Especially the old mama cat with the bad eye. Poor sweetie. She isn't feral, she's a lover that was abandoned many many years ago.

    Yes, down with BBQ. Let's just plan ahead. I have friends visiting next month.
  • I'm down too! I would love to get a van in the area, but would love it even more to get a holding space for pre/post op! Can we convince someone to let us use their basement or garage?
  • I'm working on that right now. Any one wanna come and help me move things? Yeez I always sound so needy! I had a person from Feral cats come look and we are in the process of rearranging the clutter and having the basement as a recovery space. pm if you want to help. or after monday lets do a beer & bbq.
  • lulu's momma, you, leozoeypiper, and tsarina really need to meet. We'll be the most badass team of TNRers ever!
  • I cant remember if I sent reply, saturday nite. 9 pm. 659 St. Marks. (Between Rogers & Nostrand ) Thru the driveway to the backyard. My pool boy or boys will be serving beer and Cross your fingers !! Blender drinks. The BBq wil be grilling veggies, ribs. fruit, and anything you bring. It is a celebration of Casio;s bday, a memorial or whats the word sitting shiva for her dog, and chatting about the cat situation, and what we can do to make it easier for ourselves. my number is 212-945-8196 give me a call if you need more info. or rsvp let me know if you can bring something.
  • I'll be there! I have your email, thanks!
  • I sent some email invites out and cc'd you, tsarina. If anyone else wants to come hang out for my b-day and watch me cry about my baby boy, feel free!
  • Is it this Sat? If so I actually have a night off and can make it!
  • Oh No Caseo what happened to your dog?
  • Yes this saturdAY the 15th or so.
  • Cheech passed away Monday morning, at home laying next to me. My baby was 14 and we had over 13 years together.
  • caseopele wrote: Cheech passed away Monday morning, at home laying next to me. My baby was 14 and we had over 13 years together.
    Caseo - I am soo sorry I know how much you loved him and he loved you. My heart is broken for you and I am here for you too!
  • Thanks stacey, I think I'm still in shock a little. I was very lucky though, to be with him at the end. If you're not busy Saturday, come to the bbq. It won't just be cat rescue talk and I can bore everyone with countless stories about Cheech!
  • Right now I really don't feel like doing anything for my birthday. I don't have the energy to make sure people are invited or coming and bringing stuff. We have 2 confirmations and it's Thursday. I'm sorry, tsarina, I know you've been planning this for a while. Fuck my birthday, it's really not important
  • girlie girl, you are important. As I keep saying to myself " I am a very busy and important person!!;) nothing else matters. You just show up, the ribs are gonna be great, skirt steak, black bean salad, and grilled veggies, crudites and hummus for the snacking and veggie people. and the #9 beers. Just keep repeating #9, #9 #9 #9. aLSO thniking of the blender and margaritas with fruit variations. everythinkg will be precooked except for rib warmup and then the skirt steak. and oh yeah corn. I hope you wont mind the herbed garlic butter too much. People can bring what they want to drink extra I thnnk I got the food covered.
  • Well, I'm done being a whiny little bitch for now and am ready for a bbq! See you tonight!
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