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Roebling and N10th- DANGEROUS intersection

i was in an auto accident at the corner of roebling and n.10th on 8-8-09. there are supposed to 2 stop signs on N 10th. one was missing, a sidewalk shed was constructed around the signpole, and the sign was missing from the pole. the other stop sign has a construction fence built in front of it, hiding the pole from view. i didnt even know it was an intersection, and went right thru, hitting a car. i'm not from the area, but i think this situation has been like that for a long time, and that there have been accidents there before. thank God, myself and the other car, nobody was seriously hurt. both cars were destroyed. the other car was a livery cab, and the crash put the guy out of work, and he wasn't at fault. i'm sure he'll be compensated by my ins., but short term, he is probably going to struggle. if anyone has any knowledge of the history of that corner, i could sure use the info. i want to clear my name, and show negligence due to the sign situation. its not about money, i dont expect any, i'm sure i'll be fine when my ribs heal. maybe someone out there had an accident , or called 311 to complain about it. i did, and its not fixed yet. truly, any help is appreciated. i have pictures, its a dreadful intersection. while waiting for the police, we saw a jeep go thru, and miss a car by inches.



  • I've never been in an accident there myself but this doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Lots of the streets that cross Roebling are treacherous as hell in very similar ways as this, I wouldn't be surprised if this is not the first. I avoid riding my bike there at all costs. Sorry you had to experience this and hope you heal up quick!
  • thanks. physically, i'm a pretty good healer. my mind wont be healed until i get some kind of satisfaction . i just got done putting together freedom of information requests to the NYPD and transportation dept. lets see what has really been going on at the corner for too long. anything i find ,i'm going to share with anyone who had some kind of grief there.
  • Yes please post anything here and other outlets. Sounds like the handy work of careless developers and lack of enforcement. Stuff like this is just gonna keep happening, or it'll be someone on a bike or crossing the street being mowed down cause nobody knew they had to stop.
  • After 12 years of living in my apartment, I noticed this morning that DOT was putting up one-way signs at the 2 corners of Hicks and Union (Hicks is split in two by the BQE). Both streets are one-way. My first thought was, "Someone must have had an accident." It's unfortunate that people have to have accidents for the DOT to get on the ball.

    I hope you heal quickly.
  • i never experience this before actually, thanks for the info..

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