Is Rollerblading dead? — Brooklynian

Is Rollerblading dead?

Am I the only stuck in the late 90's?

I bladed some in PP yesterday and found I was the only sad sack on blades there.

Did I miss a trend? Do I need to buy a bike and some skin tight clothing?


  • Rollerblading is my exercise of choice, just haven't been able to get out to PP in the last couple of weeks. I do see quite a few bladers though when I'm skating (and they usually have some pretty sweet skates - mine have duct tape on them!) So I would guess that it's not dead, just didn't happen much when you were out. Plus, I couldn't imagine working out the last few days when it's been so hot and muggy. The hour before dark is my preferred workout time, because it's cooler. See ya round!
  • Subject: Reply to request for advice on exercise trends

    LOOK! There's a cliff!!!

    Run, lemming, run!!!! Running is great exercise.

    Seriously? You need to wear a thong and jump rope. That is what ever guy will be doing this year.


    Just kidding, pal. Do what you want. Exercise: GOOD. Blades are a blast. Personally, I am grateful that there are fewer bladers out there now, aren't you? So many were dangerous to joggers, cyclists, other bladers, and the general population. javascript:emoticon(':wink:')
  • You should join us on a midnight ride! I don't see any reason why just coz you're not on 2 big wheels you can't join in!
  • I see them on the West Side bike path a lot.
  • Hahaha! I have some roller blades (and skates) myself! But I'm too scared to go through PP because I'm not accustomed to the hills. Going uphill doesn't worry me so much as losing control when going downhill... so I stick to running and cycling for now. Are there any flatter areas where I could practice a bit?
  • I think it will depend on your location but for me it is still in because it never bores me and my whole body is working when I do roller blade.

    As a proof that it isn't dead yet, watch love- drama movies and you'll see the lovers enjoying it. :wink:
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