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Best place to consign clothes

I know there's a ton of places that buy clothes in the area, anyone have an idea of the best placee?


  • ams, depends on what you have. are you taking about those used clothing stores like beacon's closet and buffalo exchange? for those i prefer the beacon's closet in park slope. they take slightly more mainstream things than the one in williamsburg, where they basically only want your retro stuff.

    for consignment of upscale designer clothing, fur coats, etc. there is an excellent consignment shop in bay ridge on either 4th or 5th ave. run by a rather showy russian lady.

    if you want to sell clothes you have made by consignment, i'm the wrong person to ask since i can't sew.
  • Subject: Consignment store in Bay Ridge

    Consign Connection is a great consignment store located at 8715 - 3 Ave in Bay Ridge.
    It is own by Italian , nice and professional woman.
  • The people at the Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg are douche bags as well. You might actually have decent luck at Buffalo Exchange. I've brought some things there thinking "no way in hell will they take this..." but they did. Go EARLY though. A half hour after the store's opened and the line to sell clothes is absurd.
  • oh and also it's better to go earlier in the season rather than later on, as they need more Fall clothes at the beginning of Fall than at the end of Fall.
  • I have been to Consign Connection several times and they have great clothes.
    The owner is really nice too.
    Good luck with selling your stuff. :)
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