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FOUND cat in McGolrick Park

Very friendly female tabby.
Found in McGolrick Park this morning.

I've moved her to my backyard.

Please contact me if this is your cat or know where she belongs.




  • It is supposed to rain very hard tonight
    (at least an inch of rain, likely to make the cat run off,
    not to mention it's frighting to a domesticated cat),
    please take the cat in,
    even if you only keep her closed in the bathroom.
    Post on Craigslist and contact the foster societies.
    There is a "sticky post" in the Pet's Board
    on organizations that can help shelter her.

    But for tonight I'd say bring her in and
    get her into a foster home tomorrow
    or on the weekday if you can't keep her.
  • Thanks.

    We have shelter for her back there.
    Otherwise, every apartment in the house has cats.
    And, she can't be mixed in until she's checked out.

    Right now, that place is the best area for her since there's no access to the street.
    (All houses are connected all the way around).
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