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Opinions of Dekalb and Knickebocker? Help needed!

My fiance and I are about to sign a lease (currently we are on the west coast) on an apartment right by Knickenbocker and Dekalb. Right in between the L train- DeKalb, and M- Myrtle?

I have heard bad things about JMZ, true, but I am jus concerned with this exact area, and if its safe for young females. What is the border for this "East Willimasburg" I know for regualr Williamsburg it is Flushing? The owner said it was what would become E. Williamsburg too. Any feedback greatly appreciated. I cant get out there to see before we sign. I took a google maps walk and it seemed the way i expected, and was fine, but I just want to know any other people live around this exact area?


  • As far as I know this area is still defined as BUSHWICK.

    Yes, as areas as gentrified or become hip, the neighborhoods are renamed but forget what it WILL become, WHAT is it now? Bushwick. I would do a more comprehensive search under THAT heading.

    Nothing wrong with where anyone chooses to live but I just don't buy into a landlord advertising what the area MAY become. Why is he pushing the label of East WIlliamsburg rather than what it is currently?

    You might want to consider other options before signing with this particular landlord.

  • also, the mythical land of "east williamsburg" is not exactly a paradise now, so a neighborhood that's still waiting to get THAT good . . .

    you would only be two blocks from the L train, and i think they're well-lit blocks. but i agree, i'd be hesitant about an apartment a landlord has to sell using imaginary neighborhoods, especially to people from out of town.
  • Bummer,
    I understand both of your POVs, which is kind of what i was thinking too. :/
    It seems that EVERY by owner apartment on craigslist is "east williamsburg" aka bushwick, or "prospect heights" when its PLG or crown heights!

    But all in all, if i did stay around THAT area and that L stop-think it would be alright?
  • I don't know about that area in particular, but if you're expecting it to be like Williamsburg, like along Bedford Ave, you're gonna be REALLY disappointed.

    There are things to do not too far away like restaurants/bars/cafes that cater to the "new arrival" crowd, and you can get some good tacos up there too, but I'm not really ever there at night so I don't know about safety and whatnot.
  • It depends on your comfort level I suppose. It certainly isn't Williamsburg by any means but I have friends who live around that block who really like it. Safety wise it can be a bit more dangerous than other areas, so it really depends on your comfort level. I know people that don't feel safe walking around Greenpoint at night...
  • Good point. I guess my safety concern is basically will i feel comfortable walking around at night. I dont really care about the way something looks, compared to the way ill feel at night, because I will obviously have to walk around 10 pm sometimes, is all. :/ So I have no way of knowing that , which is the bad part of my situation!
  • E. W'burg is a mythical land of unicorns. Your landlord is a bald faced liar. You are straightup Bushwick. And that's alright!

    I've lived a few blocks from your location for 6 years. You take the good with the bad. THis neighborhood has changed alot since then, but it's also the same as it ever was. Very family oriented, lower income, etc.

    You are close to the dekalb L stop. good for you. Don't bother with the jmz. Feh. (Unless it's the best line for your job in the city)

    knickerbocker gets quiet at night. But not scary desolate. Just keep your wits about you at night, like anywhere. If the apt is nice, and affordable, don't fret.
  • I just don't get the trust vibe from someone who has to label the place as East Williamsburg when it is really Bushwick. I have been a renter and a landlord and the best relationship is a straight up honest one. He ain't. Protect your options. I don't know what the rent is but I would not lock in to a long term lease with this guy (unless the rent is phenomenally cheap and the apartment is fantastic).

    Do the homework on rents in neighborhoods (REAL neighborhoods) that would be your first choice. Ask people on this site whether they think the rent is fair market - you would be surprised.

    As for comfort levels, why not do a search for stats from the local precinct? It is only a few blocks away and the info may make you feel more secure.

    No matter WHAT the neighborhood, shit happens. Like Mat said, you have to keep your wits about you. If you take precautions, you will be fine no matter where you settle in.
  • Domino wrote: I just don't get the trust vibe from someone who has to label the place as East Williamsburg when it is really Bushwick.
    Personally I wouldn't automatically distrust a landlord or broker who called Bushwick, East Williamsburg. I expect that kind of neighborhood sleight of hand when it comes to Brooklyn neighborhoods, especially the magical "Williamsburg" label.

    Just my $.02
  • Boygabriel wrote:

    Personally I wouldn't automatically distrust a landlord or broker who called Bushwick, East Williamsburg. I expect that kind of neighborhood sleight of hand when it comes to Brooklyn neighborhoods, especially the magical "Williamsburg" label.

    Just my $.02
    i had that happen when I first moved to Brooklyn. The real estate agent called it "South Slope" but I knew beforehand where the apartment was is not that. But she was also a lifetime resident of the area and was very honest about everything and even said that this is how the neighborhood is being referred to as now. A name is a name, as long as you're happy about where you live.

    The extending of borders and renaming can get absurd though. "Billywick" and "Bushburg" have been two of my favorites to laugh at when I hear. "Greenwick" is pretty clever as well.
  • I've lived a block from the Dekalb L stop for three years and absolutly love it. Between the Wyckoff Hospital and the C-Town Grocery Store at the corner of Hart, there is plenty of street light and the area is heavily patrolled by NYPD. I've never truly been worried for my personal saftey.

    It's a really family oriented neighborhood with lots of small elementary schools all over the place, everyday at 3pm the sidewalks are bursting with kids walking home from school.

    It's not the nicest neighborhood I've ever lived in but you can't beat the price, especially if you need a large space. The L train can be a bit dodgy on weekends but the email alert system works fine and after you've been around for a few months you'll know what to expect.

    There is a serious dearth of good food of all types, eat-in, take-out, and grocery. We sort of have one of everything over here, one coffee shop, one good pizza place, one good diner, one fancy restaurant, so you get gastronomically fatigued pretty quick if you don't cook for yourself.

    Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck wherever you wind up.
  • Thank you to everyone, who sent me feedback, good and bad. Your help was awesome.

    I signed the lease, and am really excited to be moving to Wilson and Dekalb! Its nice to meet my neighbors-your advice was the majority of my decision to pick the place. You're right, cannot beat the price for space. And a good community is awesome too.

    --Also, anyone with local recommendations or suggestions of delis, pizza, establishments, furniture-definitely welcome!
  • Welcome! A few quick points of interest.

    I forget the name, but the diner on dekalb and wykoff, right at the train stop, is awesome for tacos. And mole. It also looks like a good place for regular deli action: breakfast, burgers, etc. but I've only been the for tacos and chicken mole. Also near by there, on irving i believe? is a Chimu Express. Tasty peruvian place.

    Oh, even better tacos, down wykoff, on Starr st, at Los Hermanos. THe now infamous tortilleria with a great little taco joint inside.

    And just a ways up from Los Hermanos on Starr there is a used/junk shop. Not sure of the name, but it was Sid's back in the day in W'burg. Might be worth stopping by if you need some odds and ends furniture and whatnot.

    For shopping/grocery, you've got a few good veggie places on Knickerbocker, closer to the park. I go to the Associated on Knickerbocker/Starr for general groceries but there's probably a place closer to you, like the store on Wykoff just a block from Dekalb. Never been in but I'm sure it's fine for general stuff.

    Best bar in the 'hood, Tandem. On Troutman betweek Knick/Wilson.
    and still the best restaurant, NorthEast Kingdom on Troutman and Wykoff.
  • Mat- thanks! Awesome
  • i lived on dekalb and hart for a year.

    whoever said there's a huge cop presence is insane. i never saw a single cop car when i was living there. but its mostly families. pretty uggo neighborhood tho .. try to live by the L
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