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Found Cat - Devoe St, Williamsburg

Found cat 11/10 night. Acting like he's been lost for about a week. Hungry, tired and extremely friendly. I couldn't leave him on the street, but I am not sure I can keep him and would like to find his owner.

Found on Devoe St between Judge and Olive.

I am guessing he's a Tabby? but I don't know cats very well. Yellow eyes. This cat is ridiculously loving and friendly. Loves to be held, snuggle, etc. It seems like it had a good home and I am very hopeful he is just lost.


  • Don't forget to post on craigslist, petfinder and all the other pet websites. Most importantly make fliers with his picture on it and distribute them widely around the nabe.

    Good luck! Check the pets board here for more links in the sticky at the top of that page.
  • You can also take him to a local vet to scan him for a microchip. They will/should do it for free (never heard of any place charging for that). You might get lucky. Both of my cats are chipped and a lot of shelters do that as part of the adoption process now (but then they have to keep the number and contact info straight, and they're not always good at that). It's worth a shot.

    Thanks for taking him in. You might even fall so in love with him that he becomes yours. It has happened before ::::cough::::::cough::::::mamacita:::::cough
  • Long shot, but is there any chance it might be Lucas, the Russian Blue cat who disappeared from Pets on the Run in Greenpoint?
  • I have also posted on craigslist and a couple other sites, will do petfinder also. I am making fliers today and will take a good picture tonight to post.

    Thanks for the suggestions...yes, I am already in love but would like to find the owner.
  • It isn't the Russian Blue, but the cat I found looks very much like the other cat in the article, Larry.
  • essdotweather wrote: It isn't the Russian Blue, but the cat I found looks very much like the other cat in the article, Larry.
    That first cat IS a tabby, so you know more than you think you do :-)
  • Subject: re

    is it by any chance an ORANGE tabby? And extremely friendly?
  • sorry he's not orange :(
    he is brown with black stripes, white feet
    just uploaded his pic
  • aw hes adorable.

    I ask because around that same spot, i was in a rush to the subway and saw an overfriendly orange tabby, so hungry looking-but I couldnt stop, and I hoped someone had picked him up :(

    This cat is beautiful. Id adopt him, if his owners dont show up. I hope they do, but if not...
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