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person yelling JOMBAY outside my window every da

i live on greenpoint between leonard and eckford, and there is this guy who yells up at a window at the top of his voice a couple of doors down every day without fail at around 10 or 11 and then several more times at random intervals throughout the day. he always says the same thing- JOMBAY!!!! what do you think it means?


  • Ha! I live across the street from you. That is the legendary Eddie, the drunk guy who sits and drinks beer all day on Leonard.
    His mother lives across the street near you (very short old lady with a hunchback) and I believe he's saying "MOMMY!!!"
    For some reason, he's become my friend, and he even bought some books for my kids.
    He's basically harmless, and almost always completely wasted.
    If you search on, Miss Heather interviews him and has a video of him interrupting a precinct meeting. It's really funny.
    I can see how his yelling would be annoying, but I find the idiots from Club Exit yelling "whooooo" at 3 AM to be much more annoying.
  • yes, it's eddie! whenever i walk by dog past him, if he has coco with him, he always goes off about our dogs possibly being lesbians because they get along so well. i like miss heather's interview.

    really, he is definitely saying "jombay". is he polish? does "jombay" mean mommy?
  • It does sound a bit like "jombay", but since you know him, you also know that he is constantly drunk and slurring his words (I saw him sober one morning, it was really strange.) I think of him as the Mayor of our odd little corner of the world.
    He is Polish-American, he doesn't have an accent and I'm pretty sure he was born here. My wife thinks he might be yelling his mother's name, which she thinks might be "Sophie."
    I'm not Polish, but I'm pretty sure they use "Mamma."
    Why don't you ask him? I would LOVE to hear that response! ;)
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