Tomasso Restaurant — Brooklynian

Tomasso Restaurant

Would you like an Aria with that?

1464 86th St. (cor. Bay 8th St. )
Brooklyn, NY 11228
ph# 718-236-9883

Deep in the heart of Italian Brooklyn is Tomasso’s restaurant. The food is real Italian, not like the fake Australian Outback steak house across the street. The lasagna had sausage, pork, beef. This is the way it’s made in homes in Italy. Olive oil and basil is on the table to have with your crusty ethnic breads and the wine list is perhaps the best in Brooklyn. Special attention is paid to large groups. The prices go down with entrees in the 20’s, as easily as a good Priorat(ferrer/bobet)05.

Most amazing is the wonderful singing voice of Tom Tomasso himself. He led us in a chorus of God Bless America that would make Kate Smith proud. On weekends he often performs with his staff.

For real Italian food and a really good aria I recommend Tomasso’s



  • Seconded. We had our rehearsal dinner here. Excellent food and atmosphere. Very old school, and a great experience, especially for my out-of-town relatives. Highly recommended!!
  • Tomasso is awesome. I'm a slave for their polenta with gorgonzola and pan seared whole goose liver.
  • Ditto. Been there several times when I lived in the area - now that I am out of bounds it helps that there is a car service two or three blocks away (15th Avenue?). Warning - NOT a place to go ON the holiday. You will be rushed out.
  • Greeeeeeeat place.....Food is the best in our area....

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