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Bacon Fat

I’ve been makin’ bacon lately (not euphemistically) and have decided to collect and store the bacon fat to use for cooking. I’m looking for suggestions – anyone use bacon fat for cooking? I’ve tried it with scallops and they were good, but I’m not sure they were that much better than if I had used butter or olive oil. Anything out there that tastes significantly better if using bacon fat?


  • I haven't tried, but you might want to check out a Bride and Groom, First and Forever Cookbook. Despite the title, there are actually some quite good recipes in there (my much-loved chili is a variation on their recipe), and they call on such decadence as bacon fat and heavy cream as often as possible.
  • everything tastes better with bacon of any kind. that's my motto, anyway
  • Ooh, Chili's a great idea. I"m going to have to do that.
    Flexichick wrote: everything tastes better with bacon of any kind. that's my motto, anyway
    That's what I'm afraid of. I don't have to will power with that stuff around so I'll use some for the chili and you're welcome to have the rest if you want.
  • ^thanks, but I don't need the temptation. I already am packing enough chubb.
  • My southern mother used to add a bit of bacon fat to vegetables like peas, carrots, etc. I love personally love the taste.
  • Not surprisingly, frying or scrambling an egg in bacon fat is deliciousness.
  • Bacon Infused Old Fashion, google the drink and you will find the recipe from favorite cocktail in the city.
  • Subject: Home Fries

    I'm a huge fan of home fries in bacon fat. Screw softening the potatoes in boiling water first, just dump the raw chopped pieces into a pan and let it soak up all that awesome bacon flavor as it cooks for 20min or so. Real tasty.
  • I like making southern fried corn when corn is in season.

    Cut kernels off the cob of about 6 ears of corn. Then scrape the "corn milk" of the cobs. Heat some bacon drippings in a pan, then add the corn, a little sugar, salt and plenty of black pepper, and some milk. Cook it until the milk evaporates, then keep cooking a bit further until it starts to brown a little. This takes about 20 minutes.
  • yes use bacon fat to cook cabbage, fresh beans,seasoned rice,collards, rice and beans,
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