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Great gym in the neighbor hood!!!

Did my shoveling, helped neighbors shovel, did breakfast at Bristens and walked along beautiful Eastern parkway enjoying the sun. Headed down Nostrand back to St. Marks and noticed small sign for Resurgent Fitness on the corner of Nostrand and Sterling. We rang the bell and went upstairs.

Resurgent Fitness is very low key and down to earth. I am fifty-twoish and used to be an athlete. Injuries and age have taken their toll, and I need to to something to get more exercise and keep the blood flowing. This place has cardio machines, weight machines, big exercise room for classes and stretching (They have yoga classes!) and none of the glitz and attitude of the big fitness clubs.

The facilities are not glamorous, they are practical and well maintained. Check out the web site for all the details on classes and specials. It is very economical, great hours and IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!! And the owner, Eric Williams is a great person.

This place may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a great find and definitely deserves a check out.


  • Looks really good, thanks for the link!


    How stocked is their weight room? I just need a place with a squat rack, bench, chin up bar, cable row machine and some treadmills.

    I am at the Bed Stuy YMCA now, and while that is an awesome gym (for the same price) it is a bit of a hike in the winter. This would be right down the block from me.

    I will prob just check it out Tuesday night and report back, but if u know what kind of weight lifting equipment they have, that might save me a trip.
  • I have no clue about the weight machines. Its very small and I''m sure that Y has a big room with all the stuff, but this is so close by and the treadmills (1 set up for strength training and the other for endurance) exercise bikes and stair master and rowing machines, along with seemingly good selection of weights look good to me. The lack of "scene" is also attractive and the proximity to home (4 streets) would guarantee that I'd use it on regular basis. Would like to know what you think. Call Eric and talk to him.
  • Yes, thank you! I love that they have daily rates. I might check it out. I like jogging, and I'd love to be able to pop in and use a treadmill just every once in a while. Thanks for the post!
  • @cool_the_kid
    they don't have much in terms of weights.
  • Thanks for the tip off. I went over there this afternoon and think I will join.

    The fitness center is on the second floor of the building and it sectioned off to have a gym area, class area, locker rooms, showers and office.

    The gym area has three stationary bikes, two treadmills, a rowing machine and several (@4) weight machine that I could not name. They also have a selection of exercise balls and free weights one can use.

    The class area is a HUGE room that looks like it should be used for ballet classes. It is used for various dance/yoga/exercise classes that the center puts on. Most classes are $12 a pop and seem pretty neat. Not my cup of tea, but if I had rhythm I would take one.

    It is $10/day, $40/month, $160/6-month and $230/year. It is open from 11am until 10:30pm.

    This not a high scale place. There is no pool or steam room. However, it does offer everything that a neighborhood fitness center should; a comfortable environment in which to get rid of your love handles.

    I recently got a desk job and have put on a desk job paunch. I am going to start going Resurgent Fitness
  • Um, not to be awkward, but one of the first questions on my mind is if it would be friendly and unawkward for a slightly scrawny white guy with love handles to go there?

    the website makes it look cool, I've been dying to find a gym in the nabe and am fine with being like the only white person there, as long as it's a friendly place!

    thank god the internet's anonymous, i would never be able to ask this question otherwise.
  • Hey Benny, I'm a chubby white person and I'm going there.
  • Has anyone been there during the after work "busy" hours? it seems to me that with only 2 treadmills and 3 bikes, it will be very difficult to use the equipment unless you go during off hours. I'm not looking to do any classes — I just want an AFFORDABLE gym with a treadmill and some weight machines available around 7 or 8pm during the week. Thanks!
  • @benny_b - We actually did a couple of posts on Resurgent a few months ago.
    You can check out the pics that they shared with us (and there are some on their website).

    The classes seem like a mixed bag of folks. For instance, in the African (Djembe) class there were male, female, blacks, whites, and asians:

    As tsarina said, it's a low-key, no frills type of place. No reason to feel intimidated.
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