Help need convert Quickbooks file! — Brooklynian

Help need convert Quickbooks file!

Does anyone in the neighborhood have a newer version of Quickbooks than Quickbooks premier 2004? I need to convert file to send to accountant and will buy newer version but cant do that till the weekend. Thanks.


  • Don't the newer versions simply import in files created in older versions? That's how all Adobe, Microsoft etc. and other major software products work.

    But I am guessing your accountant has already tried that, so maybe not.
  • Can you export as a CSV or some other open format?
  • Do they allow a trial period?
  • Thanks for your replies. broke down and bought the new version, although the accountant couldnt get into the copy because of password protection. Too much complexificationess. All freebies are eliminated more or less. Thanks again for responding to my distress.
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