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Sugar Coke

8-oz bottles of Coca-Cola from Trinidad, made with sugar! In a Korean grocery, Utica Ave. $1. Is this common now?


  • I think you can find Mexican Coke / cane sugar Coke in a good number of bodegas now, but always nice to know for sure. :) I got kind of addicted after I first found them nearby though and had to quit cold turkey, they were making me visibly fatter. :p And I think Pepsi's Throwback sodas were pretty successful too.

    Soooo much better than HFCS.
  • They also have it in some kosher markets around BK because it's the kind that is served in Israel....
  • I have not seen the Israeli Coke. Will look for it. Thanks! Not the same, I know, but IMHO the yellow-cap “Passover” Coke was merely OK.

    Yes, the Mexican Cokes are good, I think. Seems I am always too busy stuffing my mouth with monster huitlacoche enchiladas to give it a fair go.

    BTW also Pepsi-Cola from Trinidad, same place on Utica. Flavors so clear I can actually tell the difference between the C and P. Must try Throwback®, thanks!
  • i have to check this out... whats the addy?
  • Carroll &. Leave some OK??? ;) LOL
  • p.s. Lexie: in the same drink case the Grace® June Plum and Pineapple Guava are both also made with sugar. June Plum is pretty scarce in drinks in USA. IDK is that something one can find in PR? It’s big south of there. Curious taste. And the P-G could well be their most perfect blend. Not to be missed.
  • do the israeli ones say made in israel? or are they just the US coke ones with a yellow cap?

    the trinidad ones... are they made in trinidad???
  • There is definitely a big Coke bottling plant in TT. But I don't think it's made there.
  • Bottled by Caribbean Bottlers (Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd. Churchill–Roosevelt Highway, Tunapuna, Trinidad, under the authority of the Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. In Jamaica imported by Wisynco Group Ltd. White Marl Industrial Complex, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica, W.I. Product of Trinidad.

    BTW The Trini Coca-Cola all sold out now. Only Trini Pepsi left.
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