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Faster Firefox?

Link to instructions on how to pump up the performance of your Firefox browser. Seems to be working tanfastically for me!


  • I've been using a plug-in called FasterFox for a few months and it dramatically sped up the browser. When I went to the site you said and checked my configs, they've all already been set up the same way, so I guess the plug-in does it all for you automatically.

    Link for the plug-in:
  • There has been a lot of discussion about this on the LJ Mozilla and FF groups, and I've never done it because a lot of the posters considered it to antisocial/trollish. IIRC, what this does is make a lot of requests at once--instead of a distributed-denial-of-service attack, it's like a concentrated-hogging-of-service attack. While it didn't seem quite as dire as some people made it out to be, they did persuade me not to change about:config.
  • Oh... so you mean my gain could potentially be a loss for someone else? Oh well, I'm already gentrifying scum, what's another mark against me?! :wink:
  • The Fasterfox extension lets you set the degree of how much bandwidth you hog.

    Settings: "courteous" "optimized" and "turbo-charged"

    I won't say how I have mine set! :twisted:
  • i been using something like this for over a year now. umm is there any updates of this i should know since like last year. too lazy to check up.
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