coned hell :( — Brooklynian

coned hell :(

I want to go postal on all of those guys.

i was told to call them this morning. call this morning. they told me i had to do this in person. I went in person wasted the whole day. went to 1 metro tech. got no where fast.

I was told by them by that my electrician should get the inspection first before calling them. my electrian told me they already done the inspection.

I'm already paying for service. and have service. but here is the problem. i'm suppose to turn on the service with them. even though i been paying for service. so i ask them can i turn on my service and they told me. same thing as before go have it inspected and i told them what my electrian told me.

they go oh than just call their service arm "engergy services".
the guy who done my inspection isnt in. so i have to call them again in the morning at 7am. only time he will be in.

so i hope he'll turn on my service and pay them $350 for 7 meters. blah i'm in some type of loop..................................................................even though i already have service and have money deposited into their acounts already. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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