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A short history of the bagel

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Here's another interesting article that attempts to outline the history of the bagel. The last two paragraphs are particularly interesting. I had no idea H&H was owned by Puerto Ricans or that the supposedly best bagel bakery in New York is owned by Thais.



  • Wouldn't it be nice if one of these articles described in detail the recipes and methods used for both the old, union-made, bagels, and the new, fully-assimilated, bagels?

  • I'd like to know the recipes and methods for how they made them in the old country. It would also be interesting if someone did some real scientific research into the idea that New York tap water is vital to making a good bagel.

    Two companies in Florida are duking it out in the courts over a system that attempts to recreate New York tap water for the purpose of making good bagels in Florida. Even Johnny Drama from Entourage knew of this, pointing out the good pizza joints in LA import New York water.

    But I've never seen anything that explains why or how New York tap water makes a difference. Certainly the tap water today isn't the same as it was around 1910 when the Bagel Union formed. And they didn't have New York tap water in the old country. A lot more research needs to be done on this. Why are so many people researching stem cells when this is still unresolved?

  • You're right, of course! Whatever has become of our priorities?

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  • piano wrote 20 hours ago » the supposedly best bagel bakery in New York is owned by Thais.


    i'm assuming this is absolute bagel? they are pretty damn good.

  • You should try Bagel Hole on CIA by Ave K or What's a Bagel in Flatlands, where the Cablevision outlet is.

  • I'm a Bagel Hole girl, through and through, but H&H is nothing to sneeze at either.

    Idlewild, are you telling us that Bagel Hole has another location on CIA? I thought their one and only was on 7th Ave.

    Next question: where do you get your smoked salmon? Me: Blue Apron, where they slice it right.

  • Fairway or Russ & Daughters. Both sell a wide variety of salmons, including my favorite, brine-cured "belly lox".

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