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Smoking Problem


I was wondering if anyone would have any advise at all regarding Nurses that smoke outside my apartment window. I told these ladies several times not to smoke by my window but they refuse. I complained to my Condo building Management several times with no luck. I wrote a letter to the Doctor and it stopped for a little while but they are back again because it is getting colder now.

Do we have any rights at all regarding this? What do you think I should do? I suffer from asthma and I can't open my windows.

Thank you very much.


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    My advice, try personally talking with the doctor or management head that oversees the nurses. It will take up your time, but offering "a real face" to the complaint might make them take it seriously. Also be super nice.

    "You catch more flies with honey than vinegar"

    But if that doesn't work then get mean and bitchy Evil

  • I had a problem with a Verizon store and their employees who were prohibited from smoking in front of the store. They chose my recessed entryway next door for their breaks. The problem was finally solved when i posted a sign in my window stating that there were children with asthma in residence etc (whatever). The kicker was a large Verizon logo (to get their attention, the cretins!) positioned at the top of the poster. I downloaded and positioned (next to the logo) some begging children liftart. That got the manager's attention!

    Don't know if that would be possible in your situation.

  • As you may be aware, dog poop smells for only a few days after being excreted, but continues to look really gross for long afterward.

    If the above ideas fail:

    Why not go to find a dried, smell-free, lump of dog poop, and then put it on the sidewalk under you window?

    ....At the mere sight of said poop, upon seeing the poop I predict they will avoid the area and just smoke somewhere else.

    ProTip: Use a plastic bag to pickup and transport the poop.

  • whynot_31 wrote:

    As you may be aware, dog poop smells for only a few days after being excreted

    Actually no I was quite unaware of the shelf life of publicly excreted excrement. You should provide a link, unless the research is your own. Congrats!

  • I love that idea about the poop Laughing

    But I couldn't do that. The Doctors office is right under my apartment. There is no sidewalk there, the office is down the stairs. But great idea. I wanted to drop a bucket of water on their heads, but my husband won't let me.

    It is not easy to see the Doctor in person and get past the nurses that is why I sent the letter instead.

    I think I will try reporting them to 311 and see if that works.

    Thanks everyone.

  • You might want to take a picture of the nurses smoking and attach it to an email or letter to the doctor again. Nothing like a visual to drive your point in. Also, it helps to document it, so every time you call 311 or see them, note it down and take a pic.

  • take pictures of said nurses smoking.. Save said pocture on your computer. Using your computer make signs with the photograph and the writing in big bold letters "D? XXXXX condones smoking, Is that really good for YOUR health? " then post said pictures around the front of his office. You may want to mail one with another letter driectly to his office explaining to him that if his employees insist on continuing to smoke outside your home you will start blogging about it on the various bay ridge web sites and the things like angies list

  • That is a fantastic idea. I love it. Thanks guys. Hopefully this will work with fingers crossed.

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